So I have been having a conversation with my anxiety more lately as it decided to attack and harass me more these days. A small insight of this conversation...

Anxiety: Hi I see you have been coping well these days?

Me: Yes I have and I will keep doing so.

Anxiety: but I was thinking about that first anxiety attack remember?

Me: nope I don't hear you

Anxiety: and thinking about what the reason was that it happened...I think you need to think back a couple of years there is some pretty sad stuff.

Me: You do not have control over me

Anxiety: come on girl for old time sake. You said your coping so a little thing like the past cant do harm right?

Me: not giving in

Anxiety: Wonder if that pain your feeling right now is just anxiety .....that's a different kind of pain hey?

Me: breath its okay

Anxiety: is it really okay?

Me: silence

Anxiety: wonder what your colleagues will think if you have a full blown attack...grinning....ooh that sounds great.

Anxiety: you can keep quite but im here and I am going now where....ignore me and you will feel my anger.

Well yes this might sound crazy I know having a conversation with anxiety lol, but this is how I seem to face my bad energies ( anxiety ) Just wanted to give you some insight on my days with anxiety.

There will be good days and there will be bad days just need to believe in yourself and face it head on.



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  • wow! This is what exactly I do with my anxiety and try to keep calm.

  • Thats what anxiety is a talker, manipulater, liar, destroyer even a prison if we allow it to be. Advice is easy to give, right? But as we all suffer from some sort of anxiety manupilater we can all try and give advice and encourage each other but in the end

    You yourself and nobody else needs to face and conquer


  • Yes, I agree. If there is a will to conquer you will conquer. Loosing hope means you are losing yourself. Bless you.

  • Brilliant keep strong x

  • What does it feel like I've just been panicking a feel horrible now like weak and jelly legged and numb

  • Your anxious about being anxious. When we start feeling weird like you state jelly legs and so on we anticipate the next symptoms and that already makes us anxious. I know how it feels I know the pain and fear. When your in that state of fear thats all you know and you can't help trying to just escape

  • It's awful I feel like crap everyday always weak and dizzy legs feel weird a panic for nothing it's always in my find from my first ever panic attack with was really bad a couldn't get out of bed for days I was that dizzy and weak I'm learning to cope better as I lived like this seven year with is horrible a prey to get better soon though

  • Hi were

    How you feeling today?

  • Hi not to bad thank-you it's freezing going to snow. How are you today? X

  • I'm good thanks. ..oooh I wish it snowed here but I'm from South Africa no snow here.

  • That's good and are you or nice far far away from me x

  • Hi Charlene. Oh it doesn't sound crazy at all. Gee, just when I thought I've heard all the different ways people cope, you came along with a new idea. I love it. You are actually confronting the "anxiety bully" within us. I'm ready to try it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Agora

    Yes anxiety is definitely a bully its a liar and manipulator and we need to see and treat it as such. I literally see it as this other person. Not a nice person at all but I am the head anxiety is the feet so I am stronger

  • Keep up that positive way of will win.

  • Day by day hey...thats what we all need to do. Keep being strong and believing in ourselves that we are stronger than this anxiety.

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