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Bedridden everyday still


Hi my name is steve, i am 25 years old and am suffering with extreme anxiety for the last 4 months, i feel a sickness that i have never felt before and struggle to get out of bed and do anything at, everytime i do it just seems to get worse, i know i should be doing more but i just have no desire to do anything because i have tried and nothing works, i have been seeing a therapist and constantly seeing my doctor, i am trying my hardest to accept that this is anxiety but its very hard when i feel so rotten along with all the other symptoms, i have friends that have gone through anxiety but they definitely didn't have it like i do, why is it so much worse for me. i am scared no matter what i do, i want be able to get better. Just wondering if anyone else finds it hard to function at all

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Been in your shoes before, got ALOT better and had a 'relapse/setback' this past Halloween which landed me in the ER. Still not back to where I was or want to be. I have good days and I have bad days. Believe it or not it could always be worse. Just try your best to stay positive and at the end of the day you yourself control your destiny and recovery. I say it like it's simple, but it's not because I still struggle with it myself. Best of luck to you! Need anyone to talk to I'd be more than happy too.

Thankyou for your reply, i am just yet to have a good day, this sick feeling never goes away no matter what i do, i try to stay as positive as i can, i just have nothing to look forward to anymore, i use to be so active and outgoing and now i just lie in my bed watchin tv, unless i have to pick my gf up from work or to do housework, i hope it does get better cause i dont think it can get much worse, thankyou again for talking, it does help to let it out

I use to be outgoing and active nonstop and this condition can rob you of that, I know first hand all too well. I still avoid certain situations because I know it will produce panic. It will get better with time and you can overcome this. I've done it before and struggling with it again, but I know it's possible. You're right sometimes just hearing someone else with similar problems can help out a lot too. Like I said ever need someone to talk to that knows EXACTLY what you're going through I'm here.

Thankyou so much, its good to know i can talk to you and let out a bit, i have high hopes that i will overcome this, dont see how i am other then juat accpeting it more and continue seeing my therapist and hopefully in time i can do things i use to enjoy, i am also here if ya need someone to talk to, it is hard to believe that anxiety can be so debilitating and constant but good to know i am not alone

Hi I also have a sick feeling, it's been almost a straight year of it. The only way I can explain it is bazaar it's not a flu it changes almost daily. I feel extreme fatigue, sometimes I feel dizzy lightheaded my eyes are now bothering me constantly squinting Ido sit in front of a computer so I'm not sure if it's that causing the eye stuff or the anxiety. I also experience muscle aches muscle spasms chest pains all over, shortness of breath you name it and this is almost everyday. Couldn't tell you the last time I felt great sadly. I feel like I'm alive but I'm really not living if that makes sense it makes me miserable and makes my life miserable.

Steven147 in reply to Mloanddb

I feel exactly the same, i just cant seem to get oast the feeling at all and get very light headed and have muscles that twitch in all different parts of my body, i wish there was a easy way out so we didnt have to try and live with this, i am still hopeful that it wont be there forever, but its hard when you cant live a normal life and feel miserable all the time as you say, i also am feel the extreme fatigue and also have the occasional panic attack which is indescribable how bad it is. I am here if ya need to talk cause I literally dont do much at all throughout the day, i feel slightly better at night cause i know i get to sleep and i get a break from this hell

I have all your same symptoms but am planing with the right counseling and the hope I have we will overcome this.

This is me to a tee!

Thanks I'm also here if you need to talk. I pray every night I will wake up & this nightmare will be over. But still nothing you start to become depressed more & more because you lose hope. I was a happy active person this all came out of nowhere to be honest. I feel like a Debbie downer around my boyfriend & family so I try to keep in how I'm feeling when we all go out so I don't ruin their day. If I could stay in bed all day I would trust me. I'm tired of being exhausted for no good reason. I still think the doctors missed something & I have cancer it's hard for me to believe anxiety can do all this crazy stuff to you.

Steven147 in reply to Mloanddb

I also try to keep it in so my girlfriend can be happy, and towards my family, i wouldnt lie in bed if i felt well enough to get up and do more then necessary. But i really just feel that bad throughout the day. I also have thoughts that the doctors have missed something but I believe thinking like that just makes it worse but its hard to not think that when ya feel so bad, the more we accept it the easy it gets. Atleast thats what i have been told. Still doesnt make it any easier. I was always a little worried about stuff before i was like this but didnt think it couldve caused anxiety and really didnt think anxiety was this bad. But i was definitely wrong and dont wish this onto anyone. Lets hope things get better. What do you do throughtout the day cause i am finding it that hard to break free from this bed

Hello Steve x sorry to hear that you are suffering from this horrid anxiety x yes ive suffered from panic attacks for years x but last March I had a full blown panic attack and ended up in hospital x gad all the checks ecg blood tests heart monitor etc x so from last March I've had all these symptoms that you are going through x laying around nit wanting to do anything x but I found out laying around isn't the thing to do as the anxiety gets to you even more x I will tell you what I have been doing and it's worked for me I'm now 98% better than I was last March 2016 x I stopped laying about x I either go fir a walk fir a half hour or read a book x or just try and keep myself busy around the house x in the after some time I just lay on the bed fir an hour and listen to relaxing music x but most of all you have to be positive that this is not going to get the better of you x if you want to do something don't thing ow I can't do that incase the anxiety starts x don't let this anxiety rule you body and brian x you are stronger than thus and you CAN do it and sin x if I can do it so can you steve x so start today x it's nit going to be easy but you can do it x thus Tine last year o was in such a mess with anxiety and today I just go about my life and deal with it a lot better x it's all about dealing with anxiety x Don't let it beat you x keep me in touch x always here to talk x cause only people understand who gave actually been through it x good luck steve x x

Hey susannaylor i really appreciate your advise and i am pushing myself a little bit more everyday, I definitely try and get up and do things, i just find no want or enjoyment for doing them, i know it takes time to get through it, i just have to stay positive and push through it, the hardest thing i find is that i run out of things to do around the house and end up just watching tele. I have been exercising a bit more but that really takes it out of me. Thankyou again for your advise, i really appreciate it and will put it into practice 😊

Anxiety does so many horrible things it's like multiple things like dizziness pains in different parts of the body Palpations breathing and chocking issues upset stomach wanting to trow up even feeling like your not fully there and so much more.

Hey Steve. I'm 26 and I'm going through the same stuff. What are your symptoms like? Mine are mostly in my head, dizziness weird vision and headaches. Been to so many doctors and nothing wrong. I totally understand what you're going through it really sucks, but we're with you and you're not alone! It's weird how this can happen to some people and it to others. I have friends 100x more anxious than me but they're functioning way better somehow

Steven147 in reply to Entropy

Hi entropy, i feel a sickness that is indescribable 24/7, i get dizzy, lightheaded, muscle spasms, extreme fatigue, panic attacks that occur out of the blue, chest pain occasionally. There the main ones I suffer from, when it all began i thought the worst was happening to me but in time i am slowly beginning to believe its anxiety, i am on antidepressants but it doesnt seem to provide any relief from these symptoms, i guess in time this will all get better, atleast i really hope so

I was like this but luckily it went eventually., you have depression & anxiety by the sound of it they go hand in hand normally., I was put on sertraline., stopped any alcohol ., started taking Magnesium citrate in water every morning ., upped vitamins B complex a must /Vit D plus I eat loads of fruit/veg etc ., also count your blessings what you have not what you haven't ., also I kept saying to myself this is temporary it will pass & it did ! Good luck 😉

Hi Steve, my 24 yr old son is going through something similar. He feels sick all the time. He hasn't been out, except for doctor and hospital appointments for almost 6 years, as he is scared he'll feel really sick and ill have to collect him. He has bad palpitations and a weird empty feeling in his stomach. He can't get out of bed and sleeps till 4.30pm every day. He was a sociable, confident lad with lots of friends and now he's just existing. He's had every test under the sun and everything comes up fine. The doctors put it down to anxiety. He's starting yet another counselling in a couple of weeks. I feel so helpless as I can't bring him out of it. He's on anti depressants and beta blocker for the palpitations. I am unable to stay out or go away in case he feels really sick, so both our lives are on hold. I really feel for you Steve. It must be awful feeling sick all the time. I had a couple of weeks feeling anxious and being aware of my breathing. I thought I was seriously ill, but I decided to accept it was anxiety and luckily it faded. It's amazing what the mind can do. Maybe try accepting the anxiety instead of fighting it. It may relax you. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get well soon.

Hi BonnieSue, I was quite shocked to read your reply. You say you can't understand why people don't want to get going and get functional. Of course these people want to get functional and live their lives like they once did. You yourself have suffered with anxiety and should know it can consume you. Some drugs take a while to work for people and sometimes don't work at all. You are one of the lucky ones where the medication has worked and you're able to resume your life and that's great to hear, but be a little more empathetic to these people who sound like they're living a life of hell. Im sure your comments won't help anyone.

BonnieSue in reply to Juneh-uk

I am confused because no one mentioned trying any medications like you've mentioned. If they did, I missed that and I did say so. I've removed my post because you say it's not going to help anyone and that's no good. I thought it might initiate some more attempts to try some drugs to get more functional by hearing how 1 person who had a similar experience to theirs did have success. I also tried to note why I had to get functioning as fast as I could in contrast to possibly some of their circumstances. I thought my statements showed that while I could empathize with them, I still was forced to get functioning asap. Evidently you don't see it that way. I don't want to come across as critical and lacking empathy so even though that was not my intent I have to accept that that may be how people like you may view what I wrote. So I've removed my words that were meant to show a way out of their problems.

Juneh-uk in reply to BonnieSue

Hi there, you have the right to say what you think. It just seemed rather harsh. It sounds like you've been through the mill yourself. It's nice to know that people can improve and even get completely better. I just think it's harder for some people to get functioning again. All people's problems are a little different and we all have different ways in coping. I was able to get over my anxiety, but my son is a different matter. I'll just keep on supporting him and being there for him and hope eventually he will improve. Thanks for replying and hope I didn't seem to harsh on you 😊

BonnieSue in reply to Juneh-uk

Well, if I seemed too harsh to you, then I have to assume I would come accross the same way to many people and that wasn't my goal. I just wasn't hearing much about trying to get better with the help of medications that I know have helped so very many people get on their feet again. But it's better I write nothing than to have something that comes across as offensive.

I, too, have a son for whom no medicine has helped for his depression so I do understand that position. But it helps others to understand by stating that he's tried every drug available and none has worked for him. If I leave that statement out, it appears as if he's not tried any drugs out and is content to stay at home and suffer with the depression for whatever reason.

Me. I feel dizzy all day everyday and many other symptoms. I have a fear that I'm stuck like this. I have had it for the last two years. I hope you start feeling better. I know it's awful.

this is alot of what im goin threw, its also exactly what i want to do but some things i push threw because im a mom


I experienced high stress 17 months ago which led to me bed ridden with weak legs, dizziness like floor was bouncing as I walked, extreme fatigue and general ill faint feeling when I walked around. I was terrified I was seriously ill, GP saw me 3 times in 3 months and said it was stress. He ran bloods and all ok other than thyroid flagged up and is now being treated yet I still suffer from awful physical symptoms which I do wonder sometimes if anxiety either makes worse or is the cause.

I daily feel weak legged, drained all over and fatigued weak or heavy arms, and just general lethargy/ Then I can crash badly where I get all my usual symptoms but a million times worse where I can't even walk to the bathroom. I call this a crash. I crash after anything emotional that causes me stress (I have a horrible relationship with my mother and siblings which causes me a lot of fear and anxiety) and if I overdo housework, or even take the kids to the park I can crash. I crashed yesterday. Weak legs so bad that walking the toilet terrified me as I felt light headed, weak and so sickly. It has continued into today but sadly my hubby isn't here today to help so I have had to force myself to cook and tidy up. I have cried everytime I have had to make a cup of tea, or go to the loo. I have felt so sick all day and bad upset stomach, weak thighs and off balance feeling on walking. I am guessing again all stress symptoms. Stress causes me awful symptoms physically and I can't seem to handle any stress at all. I was attacked 4 years ago by my brother which led to very bad anxiety and agoraphobia, my mother rejected me as did my sisters for not forgiving my brother despite what it had done to me. So that's why I feel so much stress if they get intouch or mum wants to see the kids. I swear it's why I crash and suffer such awful anxiety. Then the last year having ill health like this (this daily faitgue and crashes has been 17 months now) has been awful and led to agoraphobia and anxiety that cripples me, which is hard being a mum to 3.

At Christmas I had a horrible anxiety relapse due to the fear of family wanting to visit to see my kids. My anxiety hit so hard and for 4 long weeks I had chronic nausea, I lost 8lb in weight and couldn't really eat. It was all day, ever day so yes anxiety can cause bad nausea.

Not sure if you can relate to how I feel, but i thought it sounded quite similar physically how we feel. It's horrible.

Take care


Steven147 in reply to Hidden

Hey julie Thankyou for sharing your experience, mine started with a hellish panuc attack which i didn't know what it was, thought i was surely dying, had to many tests to count, so only just accepting it is anxiety but i believe i am becoming a little bit better with just not stressing about it and trying to push myself harder to get up and do stuff even though i dont feel up to it, that seems to be making me more motivated and helps with some of the symptoms, hopefully in time i will regain my old life. I wish you all the best, it is possible to overcome this, we just have to believe and thrive through it.

I've had this for over a year now it comes and goes but it will ease. Look at anxiety as bad adrenaline that uses against you than for you. If all tests that come back are fine then you will be fine. Even when my results came back fine I still questioned if the doctor had it write that's severe anxiety I've tried to stop the meds recently because I want my body to fight it naturally so it's not too reliant upon drugs. Relaxing bath and a green tea does it for me

Steven147 in reply to Matt090985

Cheers for your reply matt, i have been pushing myself harder and harder everyday, been wprking out as much as my body will let me and just trying to regain my life, i have been seeing slight results and that's reassuring that this is anxiety, still dont get excited about much but definitely am teying my best to live with anxiety and overcome it, all the best with you

I am going on almost 7 months of this and pretty much bedridden and not leaving the house. I have had similar issues in the past, but not this extreme. I feel sick everyday day. As if I have the flu however with worse than flu symptoms. I have anxiety so it makes everything 100x’s worse. I don’t even feel ok in my own house. Most of the time people with anxiety can function in their house. My mind is having problems thinking and doing simple tasks, I feel numbness and tingling in arms, hands and face. I can’t eat. All muscles and joints hurt. Cry all day long as this has developed into depression. Been to many drs and they can’t figure out the issues. In the past it would only last a month and I would be able to start functioning for the most part again. I’m on anxiety meds and they really don’t help. Have you been prescribed anything? I really hope you find answers to what is going on with you. I know the debilitating affects of having anxiety. It’s almost worse than some disease out there that drs actually pay attention to.

Hi I read your post and it sounds just like me. How are you feeling did you get your self sorted out

Hi steven147. I totaly can understand what you are going through. How have you been since this post?

Reading everyone's heart aches really makes me empathetic. I know what it feels like and I want to give you some encouragement.

My anxiety started in my early 20s. I am 44 now. Back in my 20s and 30s I had panic attacks and battled with three serious episodes of depression and went on meds. Doctors told me that if I had three serious episodes in my 20s I was going to live with severe depression forever. I felt depressed about my depressions. However, something strange happened in my 30s after my career settled down after completing graduate school and I made more money and bought a house. All the depression and severe anxiety stopped. I have not been on meds in 14 years. Sometimes it amazes me that all that turmoil, heart ache, sleepless nights, and deep pain just vanished. So what happened? I think I matured out of my 20s. I think our society does not embrace the Quarter Life Crisis. Society gives homage to the Mid Life Crisis, but our society does not talk about the crisis that inevitably happens to a lot of people as they adjust to adulthood. It's a depressing situation---adulthood. I don't think people really become an adult until their mid 20s, especially men who mature a little later than women. I think there is no proper way to prepare a child for the harsh realities of adulthood. I think for those that wake up to how painfully awful it is, the depression is overwhelming.

However, with each severe depression I learned something about myself that helped with the next depression. One of my first lessons was I needed to spend more time outside. So I did a semester in undergrad in the Rocky Mountains taking a break from the East Coast, like it was a semester abroad. It helped. The next depression I realized that you take each day one day at a time, but when doing that you have to find joy in simple pleasures. I remember during a depressing day in graduate school it was really hot. I was so depressed I felt like a walking zombie and the heat was crushing. I walked to the shade of this big Maple tree and sat down and that shade to me felt like paradise. I remember that sweet simple feeling of pure joy---limited joy---but joy nevertheless and after that day, I promised I would find or do something that brought me joy once every day I was feeling depressed. On a bad day, I will walk to 711 and eat Hostess Cupcakes and drink a Mountain Dew. I am a health nut and people are grossed out by this, but I swear that trick brings me joy every time.

In my last depression, I started to stay ahead of my anxiety. Working out (3-5 times a week) really keeps my anxiety away. I've been through some pretty serious problems in my life and by working out a lot, I've been able to avoid the meds. Sometimes I think the meds help for sure, especially when your body is seriously out of balance either with a lack of serotonin or something else, but I think finding a cure besides meds might help also.

Lastly, I have had some strange epiphanies lately about all those depressive episodes in my 20s. I feel like those depressions was training for the hard stuff that inevitably comes later in adulthood. Right now, I am going through an awful situation that I cannot discuss but it involves subpoenas, witness testimony, and a lot of legal grief I don't want to deal with but sometimes I look back at those episodes of depression in my 20s and I feel like that was the training ground for me to handle some pretty tough stuff now. A lot of my friends ask me how do I handle what is happening to me (a legal battle for 5 years) and I think that those years of being in a depression was like a training program and mental conditioning for now. Nothing is as bad as those three first depressions. It's like I got used to handling my depression and depression isn't as frightening anymore.

So reading your testimonies here, my heart just goes out to all of you. I know how it is. I know how gloom and doom it feels. But please do believe me, I do believe things get better. You have to start learning to live with your depression. You have to find simple joys in your day-- that no matter how depressed you are--you have to know those simple joys exist and you have to find them. You have to work out and move your body and be outside. Being inside, without fresh air, will make your depression worse. You need purpose. You need a job, a short-term gig, a dog walking job, a burger flipper job or any job you can do at least a few hours a week. A full time job is best. You need to take a vacation from your depression and working takes your mind of what ails you. Making money helps. Helping other people helps. Eating right is key. Staying hydrated is key. Talking to people who understands you helps. Writing helps.

I believe that in 10 years you are going to agree with me that your lives will get better. The Quarter Life Crisis happens to a lot of people and we don't talk about it. Doesn't putting a name on it, just help a little?

I have all your symptoms. I see a Therapist and group therapy for this,yet none of them experience the bedridden physical symptoms that make me feel like im ill and dying. I've had this for years it's more of an issue nowadays. I always have a fearful suspicion it's of something dire to emerge with time. Feel Better Friend!

Hey there I started having all these symptoms about a year ago and it all started when might try muscles all the way up to my neck that's so tight and my eyes were affected and I was dizzy all the time. There are days I feel okay and I always like others I feel sick I just don't feel good. I'm also have panic attacks now so I go from heart palpitations to being dizzy light-headed to just feeling completely off. In the beginning I didn't reach out for help it just seemed like I had every crazy symptom of anxiety and panic attacks at one point for some unknown reason I looked on my tongue and it looked like the taste buds on the back of my tongue were extremely huge which threw me in a really big panic attack little did I know all of this could affect you in many many different ways


I know this post is 3 years old but the info here describes me well. I feel as though the anxiety is so uncontrollable constantly for days, months, and has even been years in the past with little reprieve. I’ve been struggling off and on for 9 years. I just now fell into a severe bout again. My symptoms this time started with chest pressure on sternum area, weak left arm with aches and later some tingling. This got me really anxious looking online and thought I had a heart problem which I thought in the past. I had to remember that I had these symptoms and got tests done a long time ago with all tests clearing me. Then I thought “I think this feels different and maybe I developed something”. Another anxious thought to fuel the fire. Then I realized that the symptoms didn’t exist when I was able to get a reprieve (which at first took a while to get there) aside from some weakness. My other symptoms were faster pounding heart beats with a very occasional skipped beat feeling, weakness in both arms and legs, hard to concentrate, digestive issues, hot and cold flashes, constantly tensing my shoulders/arms, and very bad feelings like something bad was going on inside me and just general dreadful feelings. It seems like the symptoms wouldn’t let up for months. It seems as though I am able to do better now that I have gone through it before and got out of it for a long while (although anxiety didn’t go away completely, but I was able to function fairly normally). I absolutely cannot work or do hardly anything at all when I have this. I have to sit or lay down most of the time and have a hard time being motivated to eat although I do obviously. It’s such an encouragement when I can get a little break from the anxiety now that I am better able to these days. The worry about things along with the symptoms are so awful. Just to encourage someone out there, they will get better! Anyone else have these symptoms?

We_ka in reply to Hidden

Reading your comment I was just thinking omg that sounds exactly like me ! I always get like chest pains and then because I get anxious I feel it in my arm and my back and I get hot and start thinking it’s something to do with my heart. Digestive issues and cold flashes also! Especially at night. It’s insane, it’s the worst thing especially when you know deep down you have health anxiety but you just can’t help the thoughts , and googling your symptoms and just getting yourself in a bad state because you can’t stop over thinking it. And like you said you’ve been doctors and everything is okay but it’s just not enough. Never ending story Lol. Hope you will feel better

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