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Horrible night yesterday. I was at work when I started feeling dry throat like itchy suddently I am having anxiety, my eyes start burning and my throat and toungue itching but is not swollen. I go to the er my ekg is fine and the doctors says is probably allergic reaction and gives me Claritin I take it and as soon as I take it my heart races and I feel tingling and itchiness in my toungue and he says it's okay you will be okay. I came home and feel asleep I woke up today feeling the same way I just don't know what to do anymore I am always afraid something is going to happen and I have a daughter to support:(

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Hi im sorry you are feeling overwhelmed by this at the moment,you said you went to er and they checked and said you were fine,it seems your anxiety is getting you down at the moment,maybe you are under a lot of stress,doing too much,anxiety is always fear of the unknown,ive had many times when i have been given meds and either was too scared to take them so suffered on or i took them and like you worry they make me feel worse ,lots of meds have initial side effects but this usually settles down ,when we have children and family too support yes it can all feel too much when anxiety runs away with our thoughts,makes us feel we cannot cope,but we always do,and im sure you can move on from this,i just want to add ive wasted years thinking something bad was going to happen,i wish you well and hope you feel better about things soon

Yea I totally understand how you feel my anxiety has been high for the last few months

Anxiety is always trying to get into our lives in some way or another. And of course we are sensitive to any feeling and that of course gets us all riled up. But you have to remember that it is all a big bluff. You and I both know that we are OK so why don't we just take the word of the doctors and say we are fine? It is harder and easier said than done but we have to. If there was something wrong then it would have been identified.

I had anxiety last night, but I recognized it was anxiety and made sure to label and move on. Thats al we can do and it is what we must do. WE feel everything even things that most likely didn't even notice before. But thats OK! WE can get through it and just not focus on the feelings.

If you got an alergic reaction, than that is what it was... Don't make it any bigger. You get a stomach, call it what it is...Just a lame old stomach ache... That's the beauty of this all is that we are perfectly healthy, we just need to retrain our selves that we are better and bigger then the symptoms themselves. Am I right?!

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You can't avoid the anxiety once it comes in so why fight it. Let be with you for how ever long it has to be and move on. That is what I do everyday. Somedays are GREAT and other not so GREAT. Either way they are great days because I am alive and breathing and seeing people I love.

I guess what I am trying to say is, accept you have anxiety, process it, then just don't pay attention to it. Mindfulness is amazing and prayer is the best for me. Release the control and know that everything will be OK. God has your back... ALWAYS!


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Very well stated

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