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Can’t do this much longer

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Hey everyone

Most of you know I have severe health anxiety

I think I was a born worrier

I worry about anything and everything to do with health and medical

My recent fear is I think something wrong with my thyroid throat or lungs I keep trying to clear my throat as it feels I’ve got something in there like phlegm or something then my mind will automatically think the worst I’m so sick and tired of this now I don’t want to be like this anymore it’s draining and horrible to keep thinking the worst I can’t talk to anyone cuz they get angry with me I get angry with me too... I hate feeling like this I just can’t do this to myself anymore and I don’t know how to stop it

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Hey kiddo. Inhave the same thing goung on with me too. I chalk it up to either allergies ( I get them every spring same symptoms) or I already had my two vaccinations done and probably is one of the effects of the medicine. It's been.going on for about over a month now. If you keep getting the symptoms maybe call your gp. Maybe throat lounges or similar may help you too. I've used mucinex and it clears for awhile.

Take care,

Just R------

I am the EXACT same I am in a constant state of worry and panic. Nothing I do seems to help and I am struggling at the bottom of a very deep dark hole. I wish I had something positive to say and to make you better I wish it was that easy. Please don't feel alone I know how it feelsm. I also know how it feels to have people feel angry. It's such a horrible draining thing to go through. Chin up we will get there one day. I can't promise how close that day is but I promise we will see it x

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This is also me it’s so bad I can’t think about anything else

I’m same worry worry I’m exhausted with it all feel terrible exhausted weak dithery every day all day xx

How are you there? Worry is something that eats deep inside and leaves one more depressed. Sometimes we tell our minds that we should not worry but no matter how much we try to convince ourselves not to, we do it neverthess. Since i am also like you, I have started to first find out if the worry is based on fact first before I continue. Does this make it easy? Not one bit but it makes sense to my mind to find out if the worry is factual before I find myself with a stroke. It is important to guards one heart.

Hello could not believe it I totally get you I have the same especially last nite , but it’s a thing with anxiety but my sister felt the same and just found a limp but she has suffered bad migraines for sometime and other issues . If you say in a months time or 2 weeks still feel lump or something sticking in throat just make a doc app and put peace of mind sometimes can be tonsil stones just gargle with salt water to help any nasties . I have suffered thyroid myself so totally get you and had it for real and then the feeling with anxiety I know too well . Don’t feel daft about anything I would rather s doctor illiminate than miss it altogether .Binkynoo .my anxiety going a bit crazy but I know lockdown is getting to me and I’m lacking a few essential vitamins 😊

Nattiegirl... Sounds like a seasonal pollen allergy.(post nasal drip) Please don't worry, you are cutting your life and fun too short. xo

You are a healthy girl. think that way!

Hi everyone thanks so much for your reply im still feeling the same at the minute so tired and drained...I dont think lockdown is helping but its my protection at the minute I feel safe at home ..its just so draining 😪

Nat xx

Hi ism new to this site but I'm right there with you I suffer dreadfully painick attack I cant talk to anyone either I feel there is no way out. Its awfull feeling like this all the time and not knowing what to do. Hope you can find some answer some where if you do please pass on to me

This is the sub conscious working overtime and I used to suffer the same way. It can effect everything you do and though it doesn't go away, you can make it less severe by reasoning with it. The SC likes its check lists and trying to ignore them simply doesn't work, it will keep popping them up as it wants answers, so when these thoughts come into your mind answer them in a logical fashion.

So, regarding this recent issue, ask yourself and tell your SC the results. Does my throat feel sore, is there a lump, does it hurt to drink tea. Thyroid, have I put on or lost a lot of weight, do I feel sluggish or overactive and if you do some light exercise in the morning that will say if there are any lung issues, apart from the obvious out of breath if you haven't done any exercise. Tell the SC what it wants to hear, but with logical answers.

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