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How I feel today yesterday was a good day today's not a good day

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Well last night I had 9 beers I normally don't drink that much I normally have to but they were just tasting so good butt so I want to see that 5 in the morning the only reason why I started drinking was because a friend of mine came by and she's just now going through some problems so I started opening one and it went from there so I woke up this morning and I felt ok I didn't feel like I had a hangover but I took some aspirins just in case but now I got up to use the bathroom and my heart is pumping so fast like I could feel it on my neck area like I can super feel it and I really don't feel good at the moment like what sucks you know but I guess that's what I get for drinking so as for right now I'm drinking a ginger tea hopefully it helps me hopefully I don't get it and I attack when I drink I don't I don't get a panic attack or anxiety attacks but I normally like I said I don't drink that much but I feel sick I'm not too much but I can feel my heart on my chest and on my neck maybe I just need some type of food in my system but I'm to the point where like if I get up I feel like I'm gonna fall so hopefully this goes away with this tea I know that my husband is at work I feel so unsafe sometimes I miss him so much I hate being alone will have my kids butt just to have someone to talk to time to time that's great but gotta make that money but hopefully this gets better within an hour or two have a great day guys

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Hi Crystal88, you need to hydrate my dear. Some people say when you are drinking liquor, you should drink a glass of water between drinks to replenish what you lose from alcohol. Liquids as well as eating something will help any headache as well as your heart rate. Feel better soon.

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Thank you friend I hope I feel better too and it was a bad decision I have made I hope it goes away I'm drinking a lot of water I'm drinking my ginger tea hopefully it helps I need to eat something butt I need to get off the lazy wagon and start cooking

Hi crystal88

I've had a few drinks tonight too, 12.54am here in UK, Hoping I don't suffer to badly when I get up tomorrow? Anxiety, hugh, xxx

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Crystal88 in reply to suzie482

Hopefully not hopefully you're okay I'm dealing with that right now and it's like try not to panic mode trying to relax but he really can't sucks I'm pretty sure if I drink a beer now go away but I don't want to have to do that this sucks butts if you don't mind me asking what is the UK

United Kingdom :-)

I'm dammed if I'm going to let anxiety stop me from having a few social drinks at the end of the week hahaha :-)

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True story we could have a few drinks here and there at least you know I used to be a heavy drinker but now I could probably only drink 2 beers last night at 9 I did wake up with a hangover surprisingly but I'm going with the anxiety right now it's like OMG this traffic is not helping I feel better when I lay down the one I get up and do things like cooking dinner oh my gosh that's when it really comes to mind

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