Scared of dying in my sleep

I'm a 16 year old girl and recently I've been having extreme pains throughout my whole body, so I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with a thing called costochondritis. Turns out it's not that but they thought there was something wrong with my heart so I got an ECG and an x-ray done to rule out any problems. It all came back clear. I was so relieved but they never really gave me an actual diagnosis, it was more like "ah you might have this but you also might have this, or maybe this". So I'm left worrying and in pain not knowing what it is or how to treat it. It hurts all throughout my body and my mind can't help but wonder if it's something they haven't found and I'm dying. I'm terrified of sleeping, it's currently 3:21am and I'm in so much pain, in my chest, my arms, my back and my neck. I'm so utterly terrified of dying that I'm pushing off sleep for as long as possible, I don't want to die. I just can't get rid of this anxiety or convince myself that I will be ok.


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  • Hi elz-t, you need to go back to your doctor or get a second opinion. The not knowing is feeding into your anxiety. Even though you don't have costochondritis, it still could be an autoimmune disorder causing your pain. I have both Costochondritis as well as Fibromyalgia. The Fibro is sometimes hard for a doctor to diagnose. A Rheumatologist specializes in this and may be able to give you a clear picture as to what is causing the body pain. I wish you luck dear.

  • A hope your ok a no how u fell a get sore head think its a tumour n also think am going to die all the time to

  • I was up most of the night thinking about this too. I always think I'm gonna die and then I don't care because it would be better than chronic pain. However I talk myself out of this sillyness. I have not been diagnosed with any illness . I'm alive . I have hope for the future . Like you I'm young . You have your whole life a head. Be brave be positive keep looking after yourself i hope they find out what's wrong soon so you know and can better treat it

  • You need to trust in your doctors. They have done tests and continue to tell you that there is nothing wrong. You have to remember that anxiety can mimic a ton of symptoms which then increase your worries on something. I have health anxiety and I feel stuff ALL THE TIME. But I forget about them when I dont pay attention to it.

    I've had 2 xrays, 3 EKG's, 3 blood tests, a 24 hour holter monitor, a stress test and an echocardiogram. All of which came back fine. This is all caused by my anxiety. I have evenhad CT scans with contrast and and MRA/MRA/and MRV! and they still have found nothing. I can have all the test in the world and still find nothing.

    It's all about convincing yourself. You need to in order to trust that everything is OK.

    I am a Christian and I too was affraid to die. Everyone is. But you have to understand that it will happen. But you have to understand that no one knows when it will happen except God. Release control, trust in Him and live your life. There is a better life after this and it is called Heaven. Believe in Him, trust Him, and live your life how He wants you to live, in peace, love, joy and laughter. And if you are ever afraid just pray and say "I trust you, Jesus" "All is well" I hope this helps and know that hope is aways there for you. Start thinking this way and you will be OK.

    God Bless


  • I had to respond by saying your words are so encouraging and I needed to see that as I am I'm a depressed mood right now. I'm dealing with health anxiety, gad, mild depression, and newly discovered kidney disease stage 2 I'm so afraid and just when I thought I was trying to get over my fear of anxiety and death, I find this out. But your words I hope it will manifest itself through me. And God bless.

  • Your not dying lil sister call me at 7733318844 lets talk its better to hear a voice of support at times

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