I'm so scared everyday of dying. I want to live but I can't find any peace, the thoughts are everyday throughout the day. Has anyone else been thru this?


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  • Yes I'm currently there right now. Every day I feel like I'm going to die or something bad is going to happen to me. I've been to the heart doctor probably five times in the last month and a half they've done EKG's event monitors and echo grams. Everything has come back normal. But I still can't shake the thought but I'm going to die. I have two small kids that I want to look for and I'm just not ready to go . I started seeing a counselor or anything. So conscious I started seeing a counselor and he said these thoughts are called intrusive thoughts. They come out of nowhere and you can't stop them. He said for me I just have to retrain my brain not to react to this thoughts. It's hard but I'm trying to do this slowly. Also morning there's nothing I can do to control when I how I die so I might as well enjoy life while I have it. But I know that is easier said than done

  • It's horrible and I feel like if I don't keep thinking about it, it'll happen. The scary thing is I thought I heard God tell me, "I'm not gonna live as long as i think" and then wake up and pray cause you're gonna die soon"

  • When and how did these feelings start for you?

  • I've always had a fear of dieing but they got worse after I had my son. I just worry now and think about dieing all the time. My anxiety hits in my chest so I get chest pains and arm pains so I think I'm having a heart attack. But I have to trust my drs and know I'm ok

  • When I initially began suffering my thoughts were the same I felt like I couldn't even focus on anything other than my negative thoughts. It has gotten so much better and I hope it does for you too. I find that this forum helps me plenty relating to others and comfort in knowing I'm not the only one dealing with this problem

  • Why did you feel as if you were gonna die?

  • That's the feeling I have all over my body this overwhelming feeling like something is going to go weonf

  • No matter how turbulent the waters get in your mind, always keep your hope and desire to live in your sights!! Have you spoken to your doctor about how you've been feeling? That might be the first step you need to take, so please try and do so as soon as possible. Best of luck and stay strong!!

  • I had suffer for a while with those thoughts and herd something similar but I don't think is GOD I think it's are mind telling us what we are currently feeling am a Christian and am learning more on how powerful are brain is and what I can make it think...continue to pray for the lord to break that cycle of thoughts that continue to bug you...

  • How long ago did you think you heard the voice and what did it say?

  • I didn't have time left here or like your going to die today for like 4 to 5 months...i still hear it but once I read a lot it explained how powerful are minds and brains are I honestly felt like I was going crazy I would cry a lot since I was over hearing all that stuff I had a lot of people pray for me...its still battle but not as bad as I once was very depressed not eating.

  • Exactly what I've been going through. The voice sounded like me but it was talking to me. Then it started happening constantly. I feel so much fear and panic everyday.

  • I too have these thoughts. Mine are not about imminent death, but some day, and there's no way out. It causes me to become dissosiated so I become derealized. That has calmed down somewhat for me, but I get anxiety in the pit of my stomach or throat, I feel wobbly and the thought just dominates everything I do, rendering life totally pointless. I cry daily too. I've been through breast cancer and didn't feel like this. This is worse because it's an unsolvable problem. I see a Pdoc and a psycologist but it's not really helping. I know what this hell called anxiety is like. I hope that you feel better soon. Have you seen a doctor? Sometimes meds can help. Take care

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