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Has anyone tried lithium orotate???

I have read many reviews of people with anxiety trying lithium orotate with great success. I am actually lithium deficient, and have tried it, but it seems to make my anxiety worse. I am not sure if this is due to a reaction to the lithium, or simply due to the fact that I am now getting something my body hasn't had and is need of, and this is a normal process and I should wait it out.

If anyone has any feedback/advice, please let me know.



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We used to sell that in the health food stores . im thinking of trying it since a recent hair test said i was low in it. we can compare notes


It gives me anxiety, even when I take 1-2mg of it. I am not sure if that is a normal reaction for someone who has very low blood levels or not though. I was truly hoping it would work for me, especially after reading all the positive feedback on it.


Try the foods highest in lithium then add maybe .5 and see how u feel. google foods highest in lithium . i did that and it seems to help just eating right


I will look into it.



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