What are your symptoms?

So mine are usually different day to day. I know I get it daily but sometimes it's not as bad so it's easier for me to control and usually it's chest pain and feeling disoriented, dizzy or light headed and occasionally breathless. I get a funny feeling in my chest sometimes like buzzing and sometimes when it's bad it's like a crushing feeling in the middle of my chest. Heart palpilations are not as often now as i tend to control it but when it does happen I get also sweaty and jittery and my hands shake. But sometimes like now it's super bad. And I can't Concentrate and i realised I always feel much worse before work. Usually get hit with bad anxiety symptoms 2 hours before work and then I have it for maybe 3-4 hours at work but thankfully I used to get it for longer almost until I finished work but it's easier to manage it. I hate it coz when I have slight symptoms or non at all it's so easy to go "oh yeah I have anxiety and I feel this and that but it's alright" but whilst it's happening it makes me question if it really is anxiety and I get convinced I'm gonna stop breathing or my heart will stop or I'll have a stroke or I'll pass out. I'm trying to overcome it by going out and just doing what I used to. I had my first alcohol since 5 months ago last weekend and I told myself that I'm fine and it won't harm me so I had some and I felt great. I went to my friends house too last night and I was feeling good except slight breathlessness but yeah hopefully one day it will fully go away. So anyway what kind of symptoms do you get and how often?


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  • Hey, so funny you mention your symptoms. I know it's anxiety afterwards or during a small attack, but when it's going on, I always question if it really is, or if it's something worse.

    Dizziness, smothering, lightheaded, spots in vision, feeling like I'm going to drop, palpitations, heart rarely races tho. Feelings of weakness in limbs.

    These don't all happen at once or even every day, but they take turns.

    I pray you find peace, and you will. This is nothing permanent and you will go on living a happy/ normal life.

  • Oh yes feeling weakness in limbs too I hate that. Kind of feels like you're either gonna pass out in a second of collapse on the floor. I get spots in vision too.

    And thank you. I hope you overcome it too (if you haven't yet) all the best :)

  • Thank you!

  • I'm the same way. My anxiety is on and off, some days I'll be so busy at work and home I'll forget I even have it, then I get ready for bed and all the sudden I'm light headed, shaking, have dry mouth, hearts racing and my hands and feet are sweating like crazy! Then I start freaking out and can't sleep.

    Sometimes my symptoms are different and I start questing if I'm sick or something. It's a daily struggle. I even give myself anxiety when I don't have it, like, I'll be completely fine and then I'll realize I haven't had anxiety all day and then before you know it there it is! Stay strong!

  • Sorry to hear that you have trouble sleeping. it's the worst isn't it? it's the self-fulfilling prophecy. you can convince yourself of anything, even if it isn't true. On the days where anxiety is not dragging you down, you can tell yourself: Hey, I feel great. I didn't feel anxious today. I win today and I'm actively managing my anxiety. And I want to keep it up. Just some thoughts. I know that at times when I get really anxious, I buy into those automatic negative thoughts that don't do me any good and they ruin my day. And we have to challenge them and try to be as positive as we can

  • Hi. When you say you get anxiety before work, is there something specific about your job you feel nervous about? You described it really well, that "buzzing" feeling in the chest. I hate that every time I get it cuz it's so hard to calm yourself down. But I have found that if you sleep on it that it will usually go away. I like to think of it as rebooting your system haha.

  • Wow....u just described me every symptom, every ache and every pain, this is all me! I just said I didn't know how much longer I could keep going thru this!! I pray we all find a peace of mind cause Lord knows we need it!!!

  • I have very painful rib pain left side on off but worst at night laying I don't no how to relax so for months I've been hunched up. Neck stiff. Fast heart rate at times feel like can not breath tingling feel adrenaline pumping down my arms. X

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