Awful every second

Am I the only one? It's seems with every breath, I'm scared to take the next because my mind has me thinking it's going to be my last breath. I get scared to do anything because with every sensation or different thing I feel in my body I think something bad is about to happen. I notice everysingle thing I feel. I keep thinking of doom. Every time I get a warm sensation come over my face and it feels as if my breath is being taken away and i have to take a deep breath. This anticipation is so awful. I keep anticipating something is sure to happen any second and I'm trying so hard to distract myself by doing some thing but I get drawn right back into tunnel vision of these thoughts. This is no way to live. And i ask God so much to forgive me for being so afraid and for not trusting and believing in him like I owe to God to do. I just get do afraid. I cry so much.


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  • It's anxiety ! I have it every now and then it use to be BAD LIKE THIS But I did some breathing exercises and over came :)! And I bet you could beat it with a few tricks :)!!

  • I hope I can. It seems like whenever I'm not doing something that has me distracted from myself. I notice my breathing more and I feel short of breath a lot. And it makes me think the worse like I'm soon to take my last breath.

  • How are you feeling now ??

  • Hi. I woke up with alot of worry on my mind and I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't know if it's my meds or just my anxiety but I'm so worried I woke up thinking about all kinds of things

  • Icanbeathis2016 i literally feel the same. Death anxiety rules me and I think everything is a sign. I'm scared to sleep incase I don't wake up. Im scared to go to places I don't go often incase I'm supposed to go to die there. It's something I live with everyday and the problem is it is terrifying because it is inevitable. I am so aware of my body and constantly see if anything has changed incase it means just that. I now take fluoxetine 60mg and I must say some days I'm inconsistent with it but I have started to take them everyday in hope of maybe one day being better. Can I ask, have you always felt like this or did something happen in order for you to feel this way. As horrible and as terrifying our situation is you are not alone. Sending love and prayers

  • Thanks for responding. The sad thing is that I was never this bad. Yes I gave always been the worrying type but never to this point. But when june came and I had a doc appointment to get blood work done and they mentioned something about my kidney function was slightly low than normal that is what worried me to a point it traumatized me basically. Then I guess my anxiety kicked in big time. And i hAve had panic attacks before but I was going through it like what I'm gping through now. Then someone died that I knew like a month later and oh god. That did it for me. Sent me right back to a bad stress and fear and worries. I kept thinking about death. And that day from then til now my life has been this. Anxiety every other day. Having panic attacks. Not sleeping not eating. And then I heard about health anxiety and I know this is me all the way because I fear for my health. Every little thing I feel in my body I'm paying attention to. I Google it and then I think I have it. Google has been a nightmare. I take buspar. I can't say it's bad but I think I'm getting certain side effects from it. I can't tell right now if it's working yet because I still have anxiety here and there. I have panic attacks still. But I have noticed when I take it, it bring a calming feeling. My mind isn't racing so bad. What about you? Has something caused you to be this way?

  • Hi sorry you are feeling really bad at the moment with your anxiety,i have suffered for 30 years with it,ive been i think through every weird feeling this can give you,but over the years i have learnt to understand it more,your thoughts and your breathing are the answer in managing to decrease your anxiety as it is acycle that keeps going,you shallow breathe,it makes you feel lightheaded and a load of other horrible feelings,too many to mention,then your thoughts take over always feeling and thinking something bad is going to happen,i know its not easy but we have the power to control our own anxiety by the way we think and react to life,small changes are the key to feeling better,do something you enjoy even for a short time and feel your anxiety but just let it pass like it does not matter,its just your mind playing tricks on you and you are feeling like you need to control your breathing,i understand as ive done this many times,your breathing is automatic like when we sleep it controls itself,i know its hard but the more you change how you think about your anxiety and accept it as a by product of your mind handling too much stress,and it will not harm you,i do wish you well and hope you are feeling less overwhelmed soon,remember you are in charge not the anxiety

  • Thank you for responding. It's so crazy because just like you said, our breathing is automatic like once I do fall asleep so I'm so frustrated as to why I think so much of my breathing when I'm awake to a point that it feels wierd. I feel shirt of breath. Or times I feel I have to take in a deep breath because I feel I ran out. My mind has put me in a whole new lifestyle to where the things I never once notice I seem to notice every single thing happens to me. I seem to feel every sensation that happens in my body. And right now I don't know if it's the meds or just my anxiety or both that got me so on edge now to where I am anticipating something to happen. I feel my ears getting warm as we speak. Last night when I was trying to eat it's like I felt every sensation that probably usually happens when a person eats but I had cramps and fullness and I didn't even eat much.

  • Yes i think the secret is to understand that the fear we feel with anxiety is only made worse by reacting to it by constantly waiting for the bad thing to happen,it keeps your mind in fear and makes it think you are in constant danger,so its no wonder anxiety stays at a high level,the answer is relaxation and slow belly breathing not chest breathing,and trying to think outwardly and taking notice of whats going on around you,taking the focus away from thinking inwardly all the time and how your mind and body are feeling,i know its not easy,but if we stop making our anxiety feel important it fades into the background,wish you well and happy thoughts

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