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Bad Heath Anxiety freaked out


I am normally worried about one thing at a time and now it's like 7 and I can't get past it. All of which the doctors say are not worry some but I'm afraid they will be and its hard to shake it , also waiting on lap test result a bloodwork result and going to an ENT TO CHECK why I get random blood in my sinus and puffiness inside nose , healed folliculitis bump on scal started to slightly hurt yesterday , so in afraid it will come back. And may have to have a clogged pore removed from inside vaginal area ( sorry TMI ) which doc isn't worried about but it's all weighing in my nerves. PLEASE HELP ME RELAX !! lynl

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Sounds like worrying and its medical consequences has become a full time job for you.

Maybe a job change would help so you have less time to pursue your health anxieties?

Well I'm trying to convince my doctors that I'm pretty sure my anxiety is caused by food intolerance, everything I've read and everything I've gone through (inflamed tounge, burning mouth syndrome, teeth grinding, inflamed bladder, ibs) and now uncontrollable anxiety. But every time I go doctors all they see someone with anxiety and ignore what ever you say to them. I have finally got a doctor (after 8 months of going back and forth) looking into it but I'm betting he'll end up saying "no you've just got anxiety and ibs" I've also got alopecia (Folliculitis Decalvans) which I've had for 12 years and has been sore every week since I got it.

One thing that helps calm my anxiety is peppermint tea, (got the tip from ibs forum) I just wish I could wire myself up to a drip so I could be fed it throughout the night.

If I do find out its food intolerance and I get cured I'll be back on here shouting it at the top of my lungs (fingers)

Take care all x

Lynl in reply to Mazer

I think I'll try the tea for sure . I'm a bit nervous about the scalp folliculitis , it went away but left a little bald spot and it's been a little sore , I hope that doesn't mean anything , I took all the antibiotics and topical which I still have and use as a preventative did yours come back ? Anxiety sucks and yes doctors look at us like , it's all in our head. I have some pretty good docs. Hope your well.❤️

But it is in our heads and it can take up our entire life if we let it.

Recipe for improvement

1 believe the doctors

2 stop googling every new symptom

3 detach yourself from concern about every symptom and leave it all to some higher being to sort it out

4 have a cup of peppermint tea

5 develop an all consuming interest in something outside of yourself

6 spend as little time as possible indulging and investigating any symptoms you may have

Try this for a month and see what happens

Yes all of that is true as well and will help you overcome anxiety but doctors don't know everything, I would never of known about peppermint tea if I hadn't joined these forums. It should be the first thing doctors prescribe along with CBT (which I'm having now) I know my gut problems have got worse after taking antibiotics and my anxiety has got worse after taking amitriptyline and there is a food intolerance that is worsened by taking them 2 meds causing more anxiety.

But like goldfish said please don't go Googling your problems, just ask for advice on here. The folliculitis can get sore now and then but it's nothing to worry about. Have some CBT as soon as possible and try some of goldfish's advice. Take care x

Lynl in reply to Mazer

I will, I woke up so shaky about my ENT appt today, I think because he's the doctor who discovered I had a tumor on my coratid artery 14 years ago. I had it out and still follow up. But just started going back to the ENT do I guess it's in the back of my head that he may find something because I'm having him check my sinus's . I am happy I can count on all of the understanding that I dont get from others. Thank you for the advice .