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Freaked out! Please respond!


Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve been having trouble with health anxiety and my main issue always goes back to “oh no what if I have a brain tumor”. I’ve been to the doctor like 4 times and none of them thought it was a brain tumor and they attributed it all to anxiety and sinus issues I’ve been having all winter. Recently I’ve been having weird eye sensations though, like sometimes it feels like everything is flickering slightly, like it would in a room with a light that’s flickering ever so slightly. I’ve also been experiencing that when I walk, especially more with my heel, everything in my field of vision almost appears to shake a little or jiggle I suppose. This only happens when I chew crunchy things or if I’m walking/running. Nothing is blurry but idk what these sensations mean. I keep worrying about a brain tumor but does this seem like something like that or is this more likely anxiety symptoms ? I’m just scared and I need some reassurance

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Hi Nervy! I too have experienced eye symptoms due to anxiety. I think I know what you are trying to describe. In my experience it seems that while looking at a fixed object it vibrates. Like it is shaking back and forth quickly. Or if it is a pattern like the lines are moving? Anxiety can cause symptoms like that. I have also read that if you are near sited that can causes it as well. I will tell you that the more you focus on it the more it will appear. In the mean time try replacing some of the “what if it’s something horrible” language in your head to what if it isn’t? See if that will help to calm things a bit.

Nervy57 in reply to Krn210

It’s reassuring to know that it’s not just me having eye symptoms from anxiety. Thank you so much for your response!

sometimes if my heart is really thumping, when i am panicky, i can see it in my eyes, jumping, like a heartbeat, if that even makes sense

I’m sorry you’re feeling anxious about your symptoms. I get it this time of year because it’s winter and there’s so much dirt and debris blowing around outside.. it causes my eye to twitch. For me it’s allergies. It’s possible you might have something else going on, but try not to allow your thoughts to reach the conclusion that you have a tumor or something serious. It could be that you do, but it’s extremely unlikely. Remember to use rational thought. Look at the odds. Try to take comfort in knowing what you’re afraid of is very rare. And if your symptoms get worse, see a doc.

These are all things I have to keep telling myself too, because I get so worked up... :(

Try to shift your thoughts to happy ones when you get anxious.


Hey Nervy,

I actually have some sort of "affliction" from anxiety called palinopsia....I see after images. Like a "tracer" if we were in a room with strobe lights and you see movement slowly (a hand waving or something)...but I get it in real time. It's not severe other than severely annoying. Eye sight and anxiety do go hand in hand and I'll explain why. When we are anxious or in a panicked state, our body begins the process that even normal bodies do: flight or fight. Your eyes will dilate and tunnel vision can occur. Note...this isn't a brain tumor's your body turning on the survival system by redirecting blood from other organs to the primary ones responsible for survival: the heart, lungs, and brain. Vision can be blurry, tunneled, and your eyes will dart around. As you calm down and stress leaves the body, the blood flow/body returns to "rest and digest".

For everything you mention, I think you're experiencing normal feelings (when we crunch hard on a specific food, our head can be "boggled" or bouncy) that in turn have anxiousness attached to them. "Oh no, my eyes just did this, crap, what does it mean? Is something wrong? Something is wrong! What do I do?" It's a bunch of misleading irrational questions (normal of us anxious folks) that lead us down an uncomfortable path. As with many with health anxiety, you can visit a neurologist (I've done this) to make sure I wasn't prone for seizures or tumors (I was not). You can have an eye doctor make sure all is well in and outside your eyes. After that, you should feel secure in a clean bill of health and try to approach your anxiety with rational thoughts. For the situation above...well, yes, my head moved quickly this way or I'm running on a bouncy path, of course my vision is going to be altered somewhat. I'm fine and will be fine, let's let this thought pass. CBT with a therapist (especially one who can help with health anxiety), mindfulness, and meditation can all help you focus on the rational thoughts. Much like yourself, even with this information, I still find myself asking questions. Having some more tools available for use in these situations will calm you down and likely bring the symptoms you have down immensely.

There many other symptoms of brain tumors that a doctor would suspect first. Anxiety will absolutely cause all sorts of questions of health. The sinus part could also be a very real thing. Your ears are responsible for equilibrium when you stand. As the sinus system includes our nose, throat (in a drainage sense), ears, having swelling in the sinuses, drainage, stuffiness, or even an infection can cause our sense of equilibrium to be off slightly. Just some thoughts for reassurance, but don't feel guilty asking questions or for more clarity. If you need another visit, go for it. I know I've went to the hospital or a doctor for trivial things in hindsight, but I'd rather go and be wrong than not go and be right. Best of luck, try to find some peace in knowing you're likely just fine, and be kind to yourself while you deal with this. It can be frustrating for sure, but we're always here if you need an ear.

Maebell1978 in reply to Hidden

That was a great way to explain it! I wish I would have had someone explain it this way years ago. ☺ I've been having pain in my chest, arms and shoulders lately and am scared to death to go to the doctor! I'm 40 and a light smoker so I automatically think lung cancer! It's all I think about lately!

Hi I understand your feelings it is scary thoughts.18 months ago I had brain haemoragh now I have seizures

So please take care my thoughts are for you


I have the same thing with anxiety, it really freaks me out too! I think it's my mind playing tricks on me. Sometimes everything will look almost cartoonish.

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