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Aniexty and periods

I am 38 years old and suffered terrible periods for over four years. I have severe aniexty and depression and are taking 40mg fluoxetine. When on my period I take transximic acid for heavy flows!! But more over last six months the pain as become unbearable therefore I spoke to my doctor and I am going to try mefenamic acid along with gastro tablets to protect my stomach. The reason I have posted today is I just burst out crying and sat here with extreme aniexty my period is due ten days. What happened to a couple of rubbish days heh. The joys of being a woman!!! I really do feel for anyone with aniexty alone women with the addition of periods!!!

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Hi, I too am taking fluoxetine and I'm not sure if they work or not tbh? I do know other people who are on this medication and they have had good results, I can sympathize with your feelings, the overwhelming thoughts and sensations/symtoms can be completely awful, I often find myself crying and feeling total despair during bad episodes, but crying can sometimes give alittle relief so its not necessarily a bad thing, don't feel alone with this, everyone here can no doubt relate to your feelings in one way or another and it helps knowing some people understand, don't suffer alone x


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