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Right back to the beginning

Feel like I've take 10 steps back to who I was 8 months ago. When I first started having anxiety, esp health anxiety. I was having physical symptoms every day. Thought I was dying. Something wrong with me and my heart. I had chest pains, heart palps, breathlessness esp when walking around or up the stairs. Dizziness and feeling unbalanced and hot and cold flashes, crying, anxious thoughts, numbness ect. I had tests done back then which ruled out all serious problems. It all started from chest pains which I got Suddenly one day and 2 days later it all began so I think the chest pains just caused some type of panic in me. I had different diagnosis done including Costochondritis, gerd, chest infection, muscle strain, allergies and anemia. Anyway I started taking tablets for gerd, anxiety and my heart to slow down my heart rate as it was over 100 all the time. I had them for 2 months and after them I felt alright. I wasn't as anxious and my heart was back to its normal self. I slowly started doing things again I wouldn't do when everything started, eating normally and going out more and slowly I was getting the but still getting slight chest pains and also and my bad days. Anyway I went shopping on Monday and I was carrying a really heavy bag in my left arm (which is the side my chest pain usually comes from) and my shoulder started to hurt really bad I had to use my other arm and my left I could barely move it hurt so bad. Now it feels like my shoulder is stiff and weak and it hurts slightly and the chest pain is slightly back to what it was in the beginning and now I'm back with my breathlessness and sweating and hot and cold flashes plus feeling ubalanced and slight dizziness. And I'm trying to convince myself this is anxiety I mean if it was something serious i wouldn't of been able to feel good and get better for the past couple months and not that my chest pain got worse I suddenly feel worse so I should get it to my head it's alllllll just anxiety but somehow I can't I just want to cry. Thankfully I'm kind of convince the chest pains I get must be muscle related or something with my ligament as the muscles in your shoulder do travel across your left side of the chest and breast and that's where I feel slight discomfort. I'm happy that I'm going to the doctors in a week or two and I'll be able to talk about I and see what he says as he's a specialist for muscles and bones and all that.

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