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Driving? Yea right :(


I remember being able to drive anywhere with no problems at all. And now I can't drive anywhere other then work and home, home to work :( and I'm like 5 mins away from my job. It's so sad that I have to have someone drive me to the store or if I need to go somewhere that's far. I'm 33 years old and I'm feeling like I'm a 2 year old, that's lost and needing someone to help me all the time. I'm driving along and then boom it hits I feel like I'm in a tunnel, my hands start getting sweaty my mind starts going into over drive, the pressure starts building in my head.. dizzy, dry mouth.. I pull off to the side talk to god, breath, listening, touch, something I was told to do these 3 things repeatedly until I can calm down. BREATH, LISTEN, TOUCH, it's hard to breath, and even listening has become a chore, and touching doesn't feel real, crap I don't even feel real half the time :( but I keep doing it anyways even when it's hard to at times. I've been thinking about getting a service animal for all these things I battle, does anyone else find their pet to help? I really need someone to talk too.

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Hi I can relate to those feelings when driving started 18 months ago was horrendous I drive for a living every day wondering if this was the day I would totally lose it reached a peak a year ago changed medication been okish since apart from some days not sure if ur on meds I find breathing control helps a bit had anything happened for you to feel this way please don't give up

Thank you for responding! No that's what I don't understand, I love to drive and it hit me about a month ago or so. And no I'm not on any meds I kinda wanna do the natural path right now

Hi uniquediamond, I couldn't have said it better. What is real anymore? Things we took for granted have now escalated our fears and doubts. Driving being one of them. Having been agoraphobic that was me. How could someone go from driving to incapable of going anywhere without someone with you. I smiled when I read you were thinking about a service animal. I was to the point that I was thinking if I even had a lifestyle doll sitting in the passenger seat, I would feel more secure. And then one day, I realized I didn't need someone beside me, I needed to reverse my negativity and get back to being who I was. I started with deep breathing when first getting in the car. Once I started driving I used belly breathing at every stop light. I too am less than 10 minutes away from everything including doctors and hospital. I have an OnStar in my car (which I've never used) and a cell phone. But most of all I had myself and I had to retrain my brain to not fear the what ifs. It's a slow process but it is coming along. I may not be ready for a long driving trip but at least I can do the things I need to by just calming myself with deep breathing. We can't wait until the anxiety has reached it's peak, it must be done automatically in order to avoid any anxious feelings. I hope it helps to know you are not alone in feeling like this. x

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Oh my gosh thank you for your reply! I know a few people that got a service animal and they said their way better off after having one, so I couldn't help to think maybe that's what I need is a 4 legged friend to help me through this. Breathing and touching is helping me some, mainly the long talks to god. I definitely get a sense of peace when I have conversations with him. I'm glad your doing better! I love hearing those stories! ♡ hugs and thank you again

Always do what's best for you. Whatever works. You will get better, keep believing in that. x

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Thank you!

Hi all, I can relate to literally all the above. My driving went haywire, anxiety attack, started it, then I got worse on motorways, then overtaking, then going over bridges, it just got so bad, that my first few meetings with the guy who helped me loads I had to to be taken or get a taxi. Thankfully, I am driving again and feeling confident. To all those struggling keep going, keep pushing and sooner or later things have to change for the better. Peace!

Oh gosh don't get me started on bridges hahaha! I've tried a few times but no luck.. luckily there's a turn before the bridge so I can get off. But I'm still trying and I know some day I'll get it together. Thanks for your reply! Hugs

HI Uniquediamond, You are very welcome. Peace!

Just keep going out try to drive so far At first and when you feel comfortable go further do things at your pace don't put more anxiety on your self it makes things worse

Thank you steven! :) that's what I'm trying to do.

Hello my name is bryce i have not been diagnosed i have a huge fear of going to the dr only because im terrified of getting my bp checked i dunno why this is but as soon as they put the cuff on me my heart starts racing and so does my mind i used to be fearful of driving because man i thought i was going to die i couldnt breath my heart races and i start looking for a way to get out of it i make excuses i was enrolled into a fire academy im 28 but three years ago was when this started and i was 25 and because of this disorder i dropped out of it i worked my whole life on becoming a firefighter now just the thought of it drives me to panic attacks i know i need help but im still not ready to face that fear but i forced myself to stop freaking out while driving i went on an 8hr drive just drove and my body freaked out for quite some time of the trip but then i just said its just anxiety you control it and it stopped every now and then for no reason ill have a panic attack in the car ive been feeling week the but only in the afternoons reason y im on here if but also drinking water helped me make it thru it im sorry this drug on i was just putting my experience out there and for some odd reason when i read everyones experiences i feel better because i know im not the only one and its just a reminder that its just anxiety and i control it

Hello bryce! I'm nikki nice too meet you! I'm so sorry that your battling this as well! :( it's definitely changed my life big time, and the sad part is idk why it happened. All I know is I cry because of this and not being able to do the things I once loved doing, so I totally understand where your coming from. Just remember to breath, touch, listen. And also about your BP my doctor told me it's call white coat syndrome meaning our BP always goes up when we go to the doctor, little things can make our BP go up believe it or not, I was shocked by what my doctor was telling me. BP and sugar levels all change when we're happy, sad, stressed, crying, unwell, etc.. I hope you start feeling better soon! I'm here if you need to chat k

Yip can relate to the driving !What is going on with us all? I too suffer from this constant anxiety and panic attacks. It has been a life-changer in so many ways. I used to plan days out and look forward to going places with my kids, now when someone asks me to go somewhere i make up excuses becuase i know the anxiety will rear its ugly head. I used to be so outgoing. Now im the moody,reclusive mum i never wanted to be. Driving is a nightmare, but i have to drive to work and back every day and take my son to football training twice a week. Cant drive anywhere without a bottle of water near me. Shopping too, i have to do it online or just pick a few items and leave the store! Cant stand in queues any more, get dizzy, head rushes. Cant concentrate at work and i have a responsible job too. Its a living hell. But we have to keep fighting this, don't let it win.

Wow! That's totally me.. I don't know to this day what happened or why it did happen, all I can do is keep my faith strong and try to laugh more through the rough times. We can beat this I know we can! Hugs!

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