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Upper back pain thinking its heart

Hi has anyone had pain upper left side near shoulder blade or in middle of back, I'm sooo scared it's my heart. It's been 3 weeks now my shoulder left one the tip is really badly in pain not during the day or normally mostly at night in bed when I toss over to right side and bring left arm over omg the pain or if I pull down my shoulder the pain, went to my GP checked chest listened to it said all clear and not ur heart I'm 23 with no past medical history apart from anxiety obv and oanic . Now the pain is in my back like I want to keep stretching or rubbing it. P.s when I press into the top of shoulder feels very bruised same with the back of my left shoulder blade in middle when pressing down hirts

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Hello darling x yes ive had that and suffering now with it x it all goes with anxiety and panuc attacks x I've learnt that x all my tests and scan come back clear x I've had heart monitors and scans all clear x I usually try and relax on the bed for a while listening to calming cd's x it dies help and does ease off when not stressed or tensed ip x but if you've had test and all clear x that's good x so just a time factor in trying to relax and YOU tell your brain that your in control of your body x it does work darling x I've been through he'll and back for 8 months x not as long of done people x but try putting aside some me time and relax x keep in touch x good luck darling


Could also be wind travelling around your body x wind gets everywhere x


I had a blood test in May for everything and a ECG to see my heart in May since then they have listened to my heart and lungs just few days ago, I haven't had scams etc as the dr thinks I don't need them I'm fine, Hun where is your pain right now? X


Thank you x I'm a lot better last few days xx been having loads of hot showers and hot water bottle x


My pain is on the right top shoulder going into the neck area x I'm taking Paracetomol at moment x does keep it at bay x but also I get pain in the middle of my back x sometimes if I get hubby to rub that area it does ease off x so perhaps that might be a wind build up x I just think all due to anxiety x I just try and think here it goes again something else anxiety wants to try and be in control of x

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