im 20 years old and live in middlesbrough, i recently broke up from my first long term relationship of four years, now i know im only 20 and theres plently more fish in the sea.. and to be quite honest alot of positives have come from it, but.. i havent really been myself, i dont get upset but more to the point where i dont want to speak to people or get up and go and do my normal daily routines, i feel sluggish and tired all the time, and to be quite honest i cannot be bothered with anyone or anything. I understand that the doctors say when feeling depression or anxiety that you shouldnt drink or do drugs but unfortunatly its what ive turned to for a easy pick me up to feel better, i smoke weed most days for a break from everything and to help me relax witch to be quite honest in my oppinion works, but i understand that smoking weed 24/7 is no way to live your life. I also feel stuck in the mud with my job as its leading to nowhere but a brick wall and the management is appauling due to the way they speak and treat myself and other staff. I really just dont know what to do and i dont want to see a doctor or tell my mum about it because i feel embarraced and like to handle my own shit by myself. If anybody has any suggestions of things that can help me out of this rut it would be much appreciated

Many thanks danny


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  • It might also be worth mentioning that i suffer from innsomnia with it causing me to get 0-2 hours kip at its peak..

  • Hi Danny, I'm sorry to hear about your breakup, it's never easy no matter what the circumstances are and you've been together from such a young age,when a long term relationship ends you do go through a grieving process. Part of that is not wanting to do anything, having no energy or enthusiasm.the not sleeping dosnt help either does it!! Have you always had that problem or is it because of your break up? As for the weed it's no answer either, I'm saying that because I know someone who used it and it turned them into someone I didn't know anymore. They ended up using a massive amount on a weekly basis as they needed more and more to feel chilled. It's better to talk about it when you need too, you can keep coming on here to get stuff off your chest. It's a shame you don't want to talk to your mum because I bet she's concerned about you, don't be embarrassed, youl probably find she's been there too at some point. Your employer sounds great!!! But you know what!! The best thing you can do is try find another job, not that easy I know. Sit and have a think what you would like to do with your life, you must have dreams? Make a plan. I don't know if you excercise but that's really good for your mind plus it will probably help you sleep better.Things will get better Danny, something that may help your sleeping is look at hypnotherapy apps on your phone, lots of them are free. Some are good, others not so good but they may help get you off to sleep for a longer period. Nothing to lose by trying.

  • I think you know the stuff, but it's hard work. Eat sensibly, work out a career plan, avoid the drugs, exercise, surround yourself with positive people, keep away from the negatives (like here). Work hard

  • Danny, Danny! I know you don't need another mother but you are only 2 years younger that my son and if I found he was turning to weed and other drugs I'd be gutted! I have not known many people who smoke weed - 3 or 4. 100% of these now have paranoia problems and have ruined their relationships with their spouses and parents. ALL of them. You know as well as I do that you are using that as a "short term pick me up" - well that usually turns into a "long term **ck me up"! Bin the lot!

    Why the hell do you want to deal with this on your own? if you break your arm - you see a doctor. Your head is in a bad way and your heart a bit broken - so see a doctor. I found that I got a tranquilliser prescription (only weak ones) but it was enough to help me to help myself. A bit like being a the bottom of a deep hole and someone throws down a rope. You still have to make the effort to pull yourself out of that hole - but without that help of a bit of rope - it'd be impossible and you'd give up.

    I only took the pills for about 3 months and now I still find things heavy going now and again. But I can help myself now. And sometimes I enjoy the challenge. Expecting the worst - everything ends up fine!

    Insomnia is a pain. Try some relaxation / meditation / hypnotherapy apps. I am a bad sleeper so I found these really helped. I never heard the last part! I'd always be a kip!


  • Thankyou so much everyone haha i honestly never thought i would get a response its quite overwelming actually, its nice to know someone somewhere gives a shit, im going to try and do all of the things everyones suggested and hope i make an improvement! Thankyou again everyone!

  • Excellent! And we do all care! - That's so nice about this community, is kind of anonymous - no pressure - but we've all been through similar experiences and want to pull each other through. Let us know how you are getting on.


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