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So for as long as i can remember ive avoided doing certain things because i would always feel like i was being judged for doing them. For example, ive never been able to start working out, not even at home, and im not sure why. If i ever tried id always get this weird feeling like i was being watched and judged just for doing it. Its that way for alot of things like eating in public or listening to music even through headphones or even just shopping at a store. I typically avoid doing anything in public when im alone. The wierd thing is that i know all these fears and feelings are irrational, i know nobody really cares what im doing but i cant help but feel this way.

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Anxiety can come in many different forms. I think some people develop a certain fear that takes away from their daily lives. For me my faith has helped me be focused and have faith and hope that I am getting better and I will be better. Also being mindful when you are doing things out in public. Being focused on other things rather then being focused on what you THINK people are doing. It takes time and patience to really get out of it but it will eventually fade away. Anchoring yourself to hope and knowing you can stop those thoughts and fears is the first step.


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