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Nervous all day long

Hi everyone...hope you are having a good day. Does any one have that nervous feeling all day long? I wake up with terrible morning anxiety. I take xanax three times a day and started Lexapro 5 mg three weeks ago. But there are days that I am just nervous all day long. Especially when I have an appointment or an event to go to. They say try to distract yourself with things you love to do, but going out and doing things some days bring me even more anxiety. Love my family and have an adorable 2 year old grandson, But I have been hesitant to watch him lately because I just don't feel well and I need to be 100 percent when I do watch him. I just can't stand the physical and mental symptoms of anxiousness and nerves. There is so much living I want to do but this nervous feeling has limited my enjoyment. Anyone else feel that way?

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Hi I feel exactly like you, I used to be such a confident person, now can't go anywhere my aniexty just kicks in so bad


I know...I used to feel so confident too. I've had anxiety on and off over the past 30 years (I'm 62) and recently left my job 3 months ago..semi retired. The anxiety has gotten worse over the past six monts. I feel sick some days (unsettled stomach, some days diarrhea, woozy, shakes) something different everyday. And it happens whether I'm with my family or alone (which I hate) I'm just loosing patience with this and don't know if the Lexapro is helping or hindering. Even on vacation I just didn't feel relaxed and couldn't enjoy myself. At wit's end.


Hi you sound exactly like me I feel sick and dizzy most days went on holiday this year with my husband he works away during the week so on my own we used to go for evening meal but I could not wait to leave was shaking and feeling sick all the time

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I think it is the way go after the feelings we are having. We always feel something because we are dealing with anxiety. Whether it is thoughts or health concerns or whatever, we have to know that these things are just that... thoughts that can not hurt us. You know you are stronger then you really are and that these things are just happening because you let them happen.

I know if you sit down and think about the present and understand that this wont go on forever, you will be fine.

That is the problem for us that have these issues. We fear on the "what if's." But you know for every negative "what if" there is also a positive. You have to give those a chance as well. It really is the only way to live. Positive "what ifs" are beautiful and create a sense of hope. And that is what you need...HOPE.

I have got through all of this through my faith. It really is the one thing that has saved me from this terrible thing. It teaches you to trust God and Jesus that he has a path for your and that path is always leading you to the right direction. We have to understand that we cannot control anything and it is the fear of lack of control that gets us all riled up.

Step back. Look at the situation. And ask yourself "why does this scare me" and point out ALL the good things in your life. Your family, significant other, job, kids, relationship with God, ANYTHING.

And remember it takes time to get into this. It takes patience. Just know you will get there and be happy again. Live in the moment and let tomorrow come to you. I hope this helps. If you need to talk direct message me. I am always open to talk. Talking is the best thing. =)



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