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Unwanted thought are destroying my life


I have not being doing to bad but today it was like hell for me unwanted thought have been attacking me so so bad it feelt I could not think what I wanted at all I feel like crying they are scaring me and I know iam just feeding it by showing fear but I can't help it iam so sad now I feel like my life is hell at poits my thoughts are stronger now then what they used to be I used to have piece but now I can't do this any more :(

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Have you ever tried lithium orotate?

The usual dosage taken is 5mg, but I decided to take 15mg to see what would happen. I can say that there’s definitely a subtle cognitive effect. It’s definitely got an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect and it seemed to lengthen the period of my circadian rhythm, as I started to feel tired later on.

On the negative side, it made more zoned out. It also made me feel less attached to everything. The fact that I felt acute effects at 15mg suggests me that lithium orotate passes the brain barrier efficiently, perhaps even more so since a much higher dosage of lithium carbonate is standardly used.

Im sorry to hear about this. Looks like you have Cognitive Anxiety. I used to have it. I would think about things that I could not control and it would be like a reoccurring record playing over and over. But the interesting thing is that they will go away. Your mind will be occupied with other thoughts and believe me you will get through this! What has honestly helped me is going more into my faith. You need to have something to hope for. Remember, you have had great days and those great days will come back. Be hopeful that those will be there soon. God and Jesus have helped me and when I get scared I go for walk and go and pray to them, even talk to them. Keeps my mind occupied. Praying is like meditation, and trust me, you dont need to be in a quiet room to meditate. Go running. Go walking. Talk to a friend. Anything!

I suffer from anxiety (health primarily) and i did also have the same thoughts as you are having. It was scary, but remember they are just thoughts. They can't hurt you. And you know yourself. I bet you are a kind and gentle person who loves to laugh and be happy. I bet while you were reading this your mind was occupied with what you were reading rather then the thoughts you are having..... SEE. Mindfulness! It works. WE do it without even knowing it!

You're more stronger then you think you are.

God Bless.

Thank u so much

please take a look at this post - it may help you to understand a bit more about why the thoughts are haunting you and give you some ideas on how to find a different way of responding to them that doesn't get you caught up in a vicious circle of anxiety


What thoughts have been going through your head? Sometimes talking about them can help you

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