Feeling super miserable

Man.. Iam going to drive Myself insane sad to say but i feel like iam losing against anxiety. I got very bad health anxiety after i had my baby. I keep getting pressure and headaches EVERYDAY they come and go but they are annoying me. I feel like i have something in my head. Ive gotten CT scans before and came back clear. 2 yrs ago. Now iam freaking out what if what if WHAT IF... i keep getting this tense pain\ache in my left shoulder. Down my arm and thats also making me paranoid.

Iam only 26 why do I have to go through all this??? I havent seen a Stable doctor since i had the baby due to insurance problems only in and out the ER. i cannot keep up with this anymore iam scared i will go suicidal iam losing hope 😳😞


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  • Do you have insurance now? If you do you should get your doc to refer you to a neurologist. It wouldn't hurt to get another CT scan. But on the other hand the pressure and headaches come with anxiety. You could get your shoulder checked too if the pain persists for a long time. I have really really REALLY bad health anxiety, haha you can go and read some of my posts. I've seriously thought I was about to snap and lose my mind, I've had CRAZY physical symptoms, been in the ER 20+ times and always feel like I'm in a dream but I can honestly say no one's found anything wrong with me no matter what symptom I have. Don't lose hope! <3 I understand feeling suicidal because of it too.

  • Yes ive been in and out the ER 50+ times and i think they know me at the hospital by now.. Haha but yeah i was told at the hospital by the social service advisor that my insurance was active. So iam guessing i have it back on. Ive been waiting for social services to contact me to let me know if i was active but never called found out thru the hospitals advisor..... I have to get a permanent doctor and therapist i need help so badly i keep thinking iam going to die and when i do my heart goes fast and i start to panic. I feel like there is always something wrong with me. It breaks my heart. I even get scared to go to sleep idk why.

  • I think you are intelligent enough to know the answers to the questions you pose in your post.

    1--You write that you keep thinking that you're going to die but I'll bet you know that you aren't going to. You've had so much experience with anxiety that you know it's anxiety talking to you and lying to you again...making you feel like you're going to die.

    2--You let the lie cause your heart to go faster and faster and you even start to panic when you know it's your old enemy Anxiety lying to you again.

    3--You "feel like there's something wrong with you and it breaks your heart" when you know the problem is your old enemy Anxiety.

    4--"You're scared to go to sleep and you say you don't know why" but you really do know it's your old enemy Anxiety.

    You write about the same problems with the same root cause---Anxiety--over and over again. You seemed like you were taking some medicine to help with the anxiety and you were improving. What happened? What can you do right now or Monday morning to beat this enemy and not have these same problems day after day?

    Your children can see and feel your extreme nervousness and anxiety and they know you aren't feeling okay. For them it's become the normal in their home because it's been going on so long. So it's not just you who is suffering.

    Please, for all of your sakes, do whatever it takes to get your anxiety under control. You need it so much, and your children are so precious and important, too. What happened to the anti-anxiety medicine you were taking?

  • Thats what iam tryi by to say too i dont know what happened i was doing so well an now its like the anxiety got even Worse. Iam seekimg help monday ASAP

  • So glad to hear that! Maybe whatever meds you were started on simply weren't enough and you have to keep adjusting them until you're at the right level for you. Take heart. This is probably no surprise to whoever is prescribing them. I hope you are at a steady level very very soon! <3

  • I know exactly how you feel! I've dealt with pressure in my head since August 2015. It's more annoying than painful but very concerning I know. Lately I've been just so panicky ever since I started taking medicine for H.Pylori. I don't know if it's an allergic reaction to the med but I stopped it after the very first day of using it. My heart rate was almost a 170 bpm! Thought it was over for me! The medicines is a triple therapy consisting of 2 different antibiotics and Omeprazole with taking both antibiotics 2 capsules TWICE a day and taking Omeprazole twice a day too! That was a total of 4000mg of antibiotic in 1 day with 40 mg of Omeprazole! I don't think this cocktail agreed with my system, not to mention I'm very anti-drug. I'm now having constant tingling pins and needles sensation all over my body! This is scaring me! And of course my head pressure decides to join the rest of the symptoms. I always feel shortness of breath, heart palpitations, acid reflux etc....I too feel miserable and I'm tired of feeling this way. I have 3 children, age 5, 9 and 10, married, work full time and I'm a Nursing student. I think I've been stressed from having so much going on but I don't know if that's what's caused my anxiety to be so bad lately. God help us! How are you feeling now?

  • I ended up taking benadryl to sleep so i passed out last Night. Today i did a work out and after like 20mins i felt this sharp pi s and needles in my right side chest and i freaked out. I cant seembto do nothing wothout anxiety creeping up not even work out

  • Me too! I just bought the 21day fix workout program, yet it seems like anxiety wants to get in the way all the time. It's horrible and Imy not the type to take meds. ..but I don't know how to control it either. ...

  • Ughhhrr how annoying!!!!

  • Very much so!! I have faith in God that things will get better for us.

  • amen! I have very strong belief in my lord and saviour and he keeps me going everyday

  • Anxiety is an awful thing it consumes you and your life if you give up. Please keep fighting back you'll get there you just need to find what works for you! When my mind would start wandering into anxiety mode I'd sing 'row row row your boat' in my head to stop my thoughts running away with me. I also banned myself from google search!! And Internet in general...Worst thing ever!! For anxiety it feeds it like a wild hungry animal! Practise relaxation and I watched a nhs video on negative thoughts and basically as soon as a negative thought creeps in you give it a good telling off and banish it which sounds silly but it worked for me, sent it away before it planted a seed. Lots of self talk. I speak out loud to myself before I go to sleep, I'm fine and tomorrow is going to be a good day and this is a positive to end each day and start the sub concious ready for the next. Anyway there are lots of medicines and techniques to help you manage the anxiety but it's trial and error. If it's not working then try something else. You will get there I promise X

  • You have done some amazingly successful things and it sounds like you had very little training!! Congratulations on some great thinking! I went to many, many group meetings to learn a therapy method I found complicated but effective and you seem to naturally understand and incorporate pretty much your own method successfully into your life. Fantastic!

  • Thanks suesz lots of trial and error and determination not to let it beat me! Got rid of svt and vt and was not prepared for something else to take their place and control my life. Don't get me wrong it's hard work and I still have bad moments and days but you gotta keep fighting right :) X

  • Right. Never surrender.

  • Amazing i need to talk to myself more then. And do more relaxation techniques which iam guilty of not doing. But i jave to get this burden off of me. I feel like everyday iam sick with a new illness. Its horrible. But i have to keep pushing myself day by day. Thanks so much for your response!

  • I know you have children, 2 are small children that need you often, yet you are in a battle that requires you to talk to yourself in just the right way and fit in your relaxation techniques. A tough situation! But you're tough and smart and will find the right way to make it work for you. Your children are actually very good distractions for when you need distraction, and very beautiful reasons to fight this ugly disease. But they sometimes?/often? need you when you aren't feeling up to caring for them, I know. It gets complicated balancing everyone's needs. But you're well on your way!! :) :) :)

  • Yes! I have 3 actually :) i just had another little boy 5 months ago so at first i thought i had postpartum depression but it was just my anxiety got 10x worse but iam still here with my head held high ;)

  • Excellent! Never surrender! You may lose a skirmish, but never the war.

  • When I said you had 2 small children I meant that you had 2 of your children fairly young and needing pretty close attention and the other 2 older and not needing quite such close attention and easier for you to make time for relaxation techniques around. I know you have a 5 month old you had been nursing until just lately and therefore couldn't take any anti-anxiety meds. You have quite a bit of responsibility there but also quite a bit of love and inspiration in the beauty and laughter of your children!

  • Ues exactly theu inspire me and motivate me to do better!!! Thank you for your support

  • :)

  • I think I should try to do a better job of motivating and supporting you since I'm only telling you the truth about your children and yourself! I'll have to work on doing a better job from now on.

  • Don't lose hope you just got to accept the feelings and try and take a walk or do something to get your mind off the what its. When you have anxiety its like riding waves but when you just say to yourself I accept and allow these anxious feelings I accept and allow these anxious thoughts it will subside. I suffer from anxiety I started reading the dare response book has helped me tremendously and made me realize anxiety can't hurt you and you won't die front it. I hope this helps.

  • How recently did you have your baby? If you still don't have insurance there are lots of charities that might be able to offer you help and support that specialise in Post-Partum support as this is more specialist and may be more suitable if your anxiety has only been like this since having your baby. There are many places listed here:


    If not, there is the Adaa that might also be able to offer you support before You can get your insurance sorted etc.

    Try and stay strong and remember we can also offer advice and support too.

    Sunny x

  • Thanks sunny i j

    Had my baby 5 mo ths ago and anciety got really bad around 3 months after having my son. I JUST GOT MY INSURANCE TODAY and iam so thrilled i will be able to go back to my therapist NEXT week

  • That's excellent news! I am so pleased :) are you planning on going back to the same therapist as before? It may be worth looking at whether you can find someone who is a specialist at post natal mental health. It may be that it has triggered your anxiety, but it is also worth baring in mind your hormones will be all over the place still since having your son. You might need to consider this as part of your treatment.

    Don't forget we are here for support when times are difficult and I wish you all the best with your therapist. It must be such a relief to know you can get the help you need now.

    Sunny X

  • Thanks sunny. Iam thinking about looking for a new psychiatrist. The one i seen before wasnt really as supporting as i would of liked for her to be.

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