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My panic attacks are back I could be watching TV and it gets me also I am starting to have a big fear of me dying it all hits at 4 to 6 something at night some times its hard to relax at night because of the fear of dying ..and I don't know if this is anxiety but I find it heard to breathe and that makes me scared some times I feel out of place and when people talk to me I try to pay attention but its hard and evething thay say I forget in a beat

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  • It all sounds like Anxiety if it was medical would happen at the same time every night. It would be constant, so I would said yes to Anxiety. Keep fighting, watch what you eat and exercise..

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  • If you need someone to talk to im here :)!!!

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  • Hi. This all sounds too familiar and it for sure sounds like anxiety. Whenever I find it harder to breathe and feel anxiety attacks creeping in I take several deep belly breaths, as deep as I can, and try to bring my mind back into the room and realize that nothing is happening. It's all up in your mind and your mind is playing tricks on you. I also find it really helpful to just lie down and listen to hypnosis audios to just relax, giving your mind a break.

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  • I find my anxiety takes on different forms. Sometimes I just feel shakey and try to do things to distract me. Other times I wake up at 4 am in a sweat, hot rushes thru me, nauseous and sick feeling and panicky. Other times I just get weird nervous feelings. I just started Lexapro two weeks ago and take .5 Xanax several times during the day.(try not to take more than 3x per day) It feels so physical sometimes which limits my doing things for fear of feeling this way. Got nervous today driving to the grocery store . I don't know if the Lexapro is making my stomach a bit worse right now, and adding to the anxiety, but I am hoping it kicks in soon. I get so frightened sometimes when I am alone when these weird feelings happen. Blood work in June was all normal. Anyone else relate?

  • I can relate Mommadee with everything you said. I no longer wake up at 4am in a sweat and feeling panicky. Those were terrible. Getting nervous driving to the store was another thing I've overcome. I've never really had a problem with feeling nauseous, butterflies and the feeling like I'm going down on a roller coaster but never sick. I hope you get the same benefit out of the Lexapro that I do. It seems to be a good drug for me w/o the drowsiness. If I'm alone and should get these feelings, I try to stop them immediately before they have a chance to escalate. Whatever it takes. The faster you stop those feelings the quicker they are gone. Anxiety likes to be one step ahead of us and is surprised when we take control back. My best x

  • Thank seem you have a keen understanding of anxiety and panic...You always are positive In your responses to everyone. I appreciate your input. It helps when you feel no one quite understands.

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