Desperate for help

Here I go again.  I need to know if anyone has any of the following symptoms:

Dry Mouth, burning of upper chest at times, jabbing pain that goes as fast as it comes in the upper chest, can be in the middle, on left side or right side. Have been no other symptoms.

Had blood work done, and everything came back normal.  Everyone tells me its anxiety, but I fear I am dying.  This is no way for anyone to live.  Please someone answer me, and let me know what they think, or if you also have these symptoms.  I do not feel anxious, but this just comes out of the clear blue sky.


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6 Replies

  • Hi this sounds like trapped gas, you say burning in chest? I get heat in cheat not painfull just HOT if that makes senae, I get dry mouth and the worst is dizziness accompanied, I use lansoloc 30 and this is a powerfull chap, I get those feelings when my meds are at clinc and I dont fetch them in time, hope this help

  • Same here, my chest feels like I have heat on it at times, its not hot, but you can feel the sensation of warmth. It stays for a while, then leaves.  I also have dry mouth.  Do you know what this is.  I just started getting this about a month and half ago. You think its gone, and then all of a sudden here it comes again.  Very upsetting to me.

  • I get the heat feeling in my chest too, that is when I know that anxiety is creeping up on me.

  • I think it is acid reflux/heart burn . .to much stress can create more acid in the body. ( sorry for my bad englis)

  • the burning is in my upper part of my chest.  And its everyday. It comes and goes off and on.

  • Try to take Tums whenever u feel that hot sensation on your chest , then observe if it relieves u.

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