When will there be a cure for this?!!!

I swear I hate this!!!! This impending doom feeling will not leave me alone!!! I'm overthinking EVERYTHING. My mind is constantly thinking I'm in some type of danger or danger is after me or someone close to me. Why does this feeling persist?? Why is this even what I feel??? Can anyone relate at all to this honestly?? I'm on my cycle, day 3. And right now my mind is telling me it's not my cycle and I should be afraid


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  • Oh boy, I know that kind of feeling all too well. I have gotten to a stage where I go - "well, so what!" It is the resistance to the fear that makes it get worse so I try and let go of fighting it and often will look at youtube clips for tapping for fear, which helps most of the time.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I have gone to hypnotherapy a couple months ago and there I learned tapping. How exactly do you tap for fear?? What videos would u recommend??

  • I am on Sertraline my anxiety went a away with this but we are all different ., take magnesium (calming mineral) stop any alcohol ! I know it's hard but it helps ., also stop sugar as much as poss & healthy eating ! Makes sure you take b complex & vit c/d etc ., good luck

  • Where to start :)

    What I do is that I sit down, take a couple deep belly breaths while putting my attention on my heart area and imagining that the air is going through my heart and while I do that I get a sense that my heart, or heart area is open, then I let the air out slowly through slightly pursed lips. The breaths do not have to be very deep - I find that often makes me feel more anxious - better if you just let them be slightly deeper and slow. I do this with my eyes closed.

    Then I notice my body (sometimes scary because you just want to run away from your body because of all the sensations), notice my bum on the seat, my feet on the floor or tucked up under me, then I go to the dreaded sensations - racing heart, dry mouth, shakey feeling, and notice how much more scared it is making me feel, and then I notice my thoughts and other sensations - like my stomach might be tight or my throat tight, then I tap on the tapping points and just say "let it go" and at the end hold my wrist, take a deep breath and say peace, and try and get a feeling of peace, even if it is the sound of rain, sitting by a river or just the sound of a river or whatever makes you feel peaceful and/or safe.

    I sometimes do this for about half an hour, sometimes for 5 minutes and it always makes me feel a lot calmer.

    I have been doing this for anything that bothers me, even when I had a big row with my husband the other day.

    I like to use the videos on the healing magic YouTube channel. He has a playlist which is called "start here" or something like that. There are playlists where you see it in action, always nice to tap along to because we all tend to share similar 'issues' in life.

    I wish I could phone you and walk you through it just to give you a good start. I don't think we are allowed to share our email addresses or Skype names on this.

  • no wise words but know where your coming from, just got up and another morning od complete dread.. it will wear off I know but then tomorrow will come and it will be back again as I said no helpeful advice I'm afraid but just to let you know your not alone in this it is dreadful xx

  • Anxiety will tell you anything - try to distance yourself a bit from your thoughts - just think of them as little clouds going by - then they won't have so much power - thoughts are not you - they are just thoughts - you are not aware of most of your thoughts - anxious people are more aware of the thoughts of doom - think of it as a scary part of a movie - it soon passes or sometimes it lasts a bit longer but it always goes away - when you have a scary thought just say / hi thought - you are just a thought - say hello to it - welcome it examine it - laugh at it and then let it go you'll soon see it for what it is..

  • Wow I think this is one of the best pieces of advice I've been given... Thank you so much!!! I'm going to put this into action today and see how it works out for me. I'm so used to being absolutely afraid of my thoughts and believing them so I know it's going to take practice. But I'm actually really excited to try this! I'm gonna let u know how it works out for me. Thank you so much again!

  • Is it an instinct or a thought? That there is danger? The doom feeling is what hopelessness feels like . It sounds like fear has a hold of you . It might be built up fear of something that you serpressed. Things manifest in ways unannounced to our minds sometimes . I hope you can figure out what is causing you fear .

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