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Good morning loves, so I've been taking my magnesium and it's been doing wonders, but for the past 2 days I've almost been a complete wreck!! Racing negative fearful thoughts again, though more manageable, and impending doom feeling again a little, and last night I tossed and turned and had terrible insomnia, I couldn't sleep at all and felt impending doom and just really weird all night. I start my menstrural in 3 days and googled if my anxiety disorder could likely be worsened in my pre menstrural days, I actually found that it most certainly IS. Has anyone ever had this happen???? I'm just trying to understand and really need someone who can help me please??? Anyone????


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  • Ohhh yes im having my period now and I can certainly say it does make anxiety much worse

  • Really????? So like even days before your period it gets very bad????

  • Definitely huh mine starts about a week before I get overly anxious, night sweats,shakes,feelings of doom its really bad and took me a while to figure out why its certainly hormone related hun

  • Omg thank you soooooooooooooooo much!!!!!! You have no idea how much you have just helped me!!!!!!!! I was so scared and wondering like wtf is going on because my magnesium has really been working then before my period BAM!!!! I didn't understand... Thank you so much!!!! You made me feel so much better you have no idea

  • Ahhhhh its no problem huni know how scary it feels when you've no idea why you feel so bad its always such a relief to find out why and I can assure you 100% its hormones making you feel how you do right now ☺

  • Omg I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • Haha no problem hun ☺ 😉

  • Hi Twinkle Sounds like you get bad PMT. Have you tried taking Starflower oil 1000mg? It's very good for hormonal imbalance. I have this on good authority from an excellent Gynocologist.

  • Yes I have it really bad hun oh I've never heard of starflower oil I'll definitely look out for that as I need something to help me and I don't want to go down the meditation route as I'm medication phobic and already take meds for anxiety thank you for that I'll look out for some asap 😊

  • Hi Twinkle. Just have a look on Amazon. The last lot I got was from Healthspan. Starflower oil is very good for skin and hair too (not that you need it!!) It IS very good at regulating hormones so give it a go. I take it for the dreaded hot flushes and it helps. Xx

  • Ah yes I had a look all the reviews are really very good I definitely will try them my night sweats are awful I wake all night its them and the chills are terrible too I'd much rather take something like this than HRT thank you so much ☺ 👍 xx

  • Great. I hope it works for you. I don't take anything except natural herbs etc. This will work but give it a little while to get into your system. X

  • Brilliant yes herbal medicines are fat better for you ☺ I'll definitely give them a go they seem to be the answer 😊 X

  • I'm going to give this a try too! Instead of taking Pamprin. What is Starflower actually used for? Like what does it say on the bottle?? And does it help with anxiety getting worse during pre menstrural??

  • Hi starflower oil is an oil in capsule form. When I had a hysterectomy some years ago this was recommended by my Gynocologist to regulate my hormones. Get the 1000mg and take one a day. It will help. Allow a few weeks to get into your system. It's great for skin and hair too. Lots of luck and I hope you feel better. X

  • Thank you so much!! I'm gonna get some!

  • Ah thank you - you are soooo welcome. I really hope it helps you as I know the misery of PMT and bad periods! How we women suffer!!! X

  • Thank you for responding! They are regular! But I've noticed I haven't had Breast tenderness the last 2 months. And that's after I had my first panic attack so I'm thinking after I'm recovered from DR and this Anxiety that that will go back to normal. Still my regular cramps and yes I'm regular

  • it can start before hand during PMS .. my counsellor was just explaining this to me on Friday. Definetaly hormone related .. I see you already had your question answered. I actually take my birth control pills continuously ( im not recommending this for you) but just because I get so damn ill when I have my period that I couldn't handle it.

  • Thank you so much!!!! Last night I was scared AF like what is happening to me????? Cause I've been doing so much better. But thank you so much!! I understand what it is now.

  • Sorry to intrude, but could someone take a look at my post? I'm really stuck and looking for some answers.

  • The week before my period is absolute HELL for me. every symptom of my anxiety gets worse. It seems to get better once I'm actually on my period though... weird.

  • Yes!! Mine starts in 4 days and last night I literally almost had a panic attack along with insomnia. Matter of fact, I almost panicked because I was even having insomnia and I've being doing good and haven't had insomnia in almost 3 weeks. So last night I was like why am I feeling like this all over again??? Insomnia, bizarre dreams when I did drift to sleep, impending doom, everything came right back!! And I was like could this possibly be because my period is coming???? I was so confused and scared

  • Can i ask does magnesium help with anxiety and can u take if u are on antidepressants ..

  • YES!!! It is practically the cure!! It cured mine so far about 75% and it's been a week since I've started taking them. And yes you can. It's an all natural vitamin everyone needs. You should talk to your doc first tho for your comfort with taking it

  • Thankyou ill ask when i go gp . Iv cut down on meds tryng desperarly to get better x

  • I also take magnesium tablets and they have really helped me I forgot to take one yesterday and this morning it came back with a bang!! I took my tablet and now I feel fine ☺️

  • Isn't it great????!!!! What symptoms did you have prior to taking Mg??

  • Muscle spasms were my main thing I used to get them all the time it's hardly noticeable anymore.. I got the shakes but I think I had them before anxiety started but they have got worse.. Aches pains headaches chest pains struggling to swollow I think they really help x

  • You're welcome! And yes natural remedies are the true cure

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