I just need someone to hear me

Hey loves! I hope someone is up right now... I just need to vent.. Anxiety is up sooooo high right now... Also have depression.. I just miss myself before this happened to me.. Before I never use to be afraid of anything, never thought about things to be afraid of. I was always happy and free. Now I'm a prisoner in my own mind. Afraid and scared all the time of everything but for no reason. Always feeling impending doom. Even the second I wake up in the morning, impending doom is there. And all day long it's there.. For no reason at all.. I hate it! !!! I have a beautiful daughter I want to be excited about the future with and this feeling is hindering me from it.. Does anyone understand where I'm coming from?... Any advice at all?... I Hope everyone is having a good night or morning


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  • Honey i just woke Up with some terri le Anxiet/Impending Doom. O had to get out of bed And use the bathroom to distract my Mind. Iam so focused On my Heart Beating so fast that thats when i Go into Panic Mode.. Ive been on My xanax and Lexapro for 3 months a d Anxiety is Sky high. (As It is That time Of the Month.. Menstrual) and my Heart is Beating so Fast right now. Iam already getting scared that Death is around the Corner. I cant even sleep. Your not alone. Try. Breathing exercises it usually works right away.

    P.s its ya Girl ;) shhh.. ❤

  • Thanks girl! Funny it's actually that time of month for me too. Just started mine yesterday

  • Hi ryrywifey, I have two kids I woke up like that, i have aches through my whole body, dizziness, pain in my chest, shaking feeling and feeling really awful, like you impending doom waiting on the worst that can happen, when my husband is home I feel slightly better, but alone I get scared, I trudge through the day,I take them to swimming camp etc and it does help to distract myself for a short while,but I no how u feel, I miss the old me that was so fun, I feel tired and drained everyday, I no deep breathing exercises work so I'm going back to do all those techniques again and try something to take my mind off it, I know talking about it helps, know ur not alone x

  • I'm still struggling through the specialists because I refuse to believe this is all mental!

  • That's how I was at first, I was like no, this is not all in my head, why would my mind make me believe all this stuff, why would my mind want to be afraid all the time when it never was before and why would it always want to feel impending doom when it never did before???? But when I look around and no one Around me understands me, it lets me know how psychotic and evil anxiety truly is smh she's a royal b***h 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Do you get skin problems too? If it weren't for the painful red spots then I would have given up looking for physical answers long ago.

  • I feel your pain. I use to be happy. My anxiety is flaring up pretty bad tonight. I just feel like I am dying and afraid to fall asleep. Ugh. I hate it. But I keep telling myself it's okay.

  • If you find an answer will you please share with us all?!?!

    Meanwhile, praying for peace and joy to you.

  • Get up walk around, then take a hot shower put your hand covering ylur face do not let the water get in your mouth or nose breath in the hot steam,stand uner the hot water let it run on ur neck an had what it does it helps your breathing,then drink some hot tea no sugar and take 2 Tylenol then lay down on you back put ear phones in your ears so the music can srift you away from your anxiety.. music is therapy it will work.. try it then let me know how you feel tomorrow..YOU CONTROL IT NEVER LWT IT CONTROL YOU.. DONT LET YOUR ANXIETY WIN

  • Thank you so much!!! I'm going to try it and defiantly let I know how I'm feeling tomorrow.. Thank you!!!

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