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NEWBIE :) I/we deserve to be happy and healthy!

Hi there! I am 46years old, married the 2nd time and having 4 children. I did move to another country 10 years ago and did have panic attacks first time at 26, so 20 years ago. It hit me out of nowhere and first I thought something is wrong with my heart. But my GP, nowing me for 10 years, did believe in me that I can manage without medication! So I started autogene training, and did see a psychologist, as I was thinking that it was ok to deal with my childhood... but that didn't work out, this psychologist wasn't helpful in my opinion and I tried it "My way" and looking into homeopathy, finding a lot of help in Bach flowers and Bush flowers, tissue salts... I wasn't able to stay on my own nor travelling at that time, which was quite unusal for me, and so my family didn't cope, wasn't actually really supporting either, which made me sad, but didn't stop me to move on ....even moving cities...and 10 years ago moving countries...

But all that -and some more stuff goiing on in my life- obviously was too much and it hit me again, those panic attacks, earlier this year. I wasn't able to drive home on my own, I had to call my husband to pick me up... he doesn't understand what's going on, he never experienced something like that... but he does understand that I am trying everything to fight this -on my own. I do see a herbalist, to whom I am able to talk freely and I did attend the gym again and downloaded an app to do workouts at home as well, as I am working fulltime and I don't want to stress out myself even more by going to the gym before or after work... I did attend a mindfulness course and try to meditate every day with an app "wildflowers" we did get recommended from the instructor. Becoming more aware of yourself, your mind, your body again! Being mindful. I do believe in God as well, and do pray on a daily basis, every where, any time... I do have conversations with God, my guardian angels... I do surround myself with positive affirmations. "I deserve to be happy and healthy" is one of them... and still I do have those bad days when it feels like that I'm loosing it, that I am forgetting things and people...I am scared to die...

thanks for your time! :)

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Hi Lotte1 all in all, you've done things that I couldn't even dream of doing. Actually I was getting anxious just reading about it and picturing myself in your shoes. You've seem to have found a combination of things that work for you. I would try not to worry about those bad days, we all have them from time to time. Most people are afraid to die but if we put all our energy into that thought, there is nothing left for us to live each day to the fullest. You've done very well Lotte, be proud. x

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Thank you very much, Agora1!! Yes, I do have to remind me, that I came far and done lots with my anxiety issues and panic attacks! It's always helpful to know that you're not alone! And that are people out there, you've never met before, who are feeling the same and are able to relate to you, what the people closest to you often can't . We are more sensitive, picking up vibes, other people don't!?

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