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I can't come down from this peak

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I have been on this anxiety riddled bender for about 9 days now. In general I have anxiety most of the time, but its more of a functional anxiety. I am pretty good at controlling it. Only a few times has it gotten out of control and I've stayed in an extended overly anxious state. The way I am now has been decently out of control. It all starts as a panic and I then I come down from that and go back into it several times. In between I feel a constant need to move around, like if I hold still I will explode. I have no idea how I am functioning on such little sleep (maybe a few hours per night) I still haven't calmed down, though the panic attacks have lessened and usually by now (9days later) I am back to normal (functionally anxious.) I feel like I can't even sit and listen to people talk to me. I am so restless. I had to force myself to start eating because well I can't live on water alone. I need to calm myself down and I just don't know how. I know that as soon as I do its going to hit me like a ton of bricks.

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Hi Hun I feel just like you and to have been like this for 8 days I can't eat sleep I'm been sick I have a knot in my belly crazy thoughts feeling I'm going to die etc etc the list is endless I have been to the doctors and he's give me 10mg ciltlopram which I stated yesterday it's terrible to feel like this sending you hugs hope we both get of this anxiety rollercoaster soon 😘

I've just come down from this roller coaster doing exactly the same as you no sleeping can't eat feeling ill choke on my food. Brain 3 weeks ahead of me aweful though I was heading for a breakdown I sat and wrote everything that needs doing that creates stress in my life. Whether it be call that friend you had a row with n not made up. Pay that bill write that letter you need to send, move that rubbish your sick of seeing ect the more the list got smaller the better I felt. Now I'm ok for now but whenever I feel this this I do my list of stressful things needed doing. Xxmandy

Hi Mandy 🤗 I'm going to try this list thing see if it helps for me I need to get out of this anxiety hole I'm in and have been in for 8 days now 😢 Xx

Yep hope we all feel better soon love to you all and at least we have each other to chat to 😘😘😘😘 xx

It works for me I get the heart flutters and shortness of breath when I have worries or things that need doing and the less on my mind the more relaxed I am and hence no scary stuff happening. I also get sleep paralysis and sometimes the sensation of plummeting off a high rise building just as I'm drifting off to sleep aweful feeling. This anxiety has a lot to answer too. Has many hidden horrors, a very clever illness you never know when it's going to jump out or what it's going to scare the crap out of you with next. Tc always here if you need to talk to a fellow sufferer bloody 36 yrs of itt expert on the sodding thing lol xxmandy

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Ow one thing I do have a very wicked sense of humour with this illness my language can be quite ooh n oops she's of her trolley. It's the way I deal with it well it has taken the piss out of me for the last 36 yrs lol xx sometimes a little laughter n humorous outlook can release a good endorphins sometimes xx mandy

This made me giggle me Iv always been the crazy one of the family the trouble maker lol xx

Hi Hun yeah Iv been having that falling thing as I'm drifting off to sleep and I jump it's horrible I just hope this medication kicks in soon I want my life back but will take your advice will try anything to help myself and wow 36 years bless ya I guess once we have it we have it don't we ? My first panic attack was at the age of 9 when I lost my grandparents within 3 mth of each other then once again when I was 20 when I'd lost my step dad who took his own life .. Then again mid 20s when I was in a bad relationship domestic violence and now this time around but no trigger I'm happily married lovely home want for nothing got my 18mth old and I'm like this I just don't get it 😢 Xx

Life of an anxiety sufferer love we can have good days I promise you that. We just have to learn to tell it to jogg on at its worst and beat this mother fxxxxr of an illness it is all in the mind it's a liar that's what it is a darn liar. You have great things in your life and your stronger now cmon gal we can beat this next time it lies to you tell it to jogg on ya not listening xx :-)🙅🙉

Thanks Hun really does help to talk to you as I'm feeling anxiety creap up on me once again as I'm off to bed but yes will try telling myself that thank you I just need a good day haven't had one in a week never been this bad for this long 😢 Xx

Girl power it's just thoughts there lying to you. Xxx🙉👍😆

Incase your wondering I've not turned into a vampire by replying at daft oclock in the morning, I fell off that chuffing high rise building again twice tonight. Lol xx mandy 🤕

Hehe 😂 I'd take falling off a building rather that not sleeping much st all for stupid thoughtsand knot in my belly Feeling like I'm going crazy now got a right headache 😫 X

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Ktbm in reply to sgbmandy

How did u overcome the feeling like u we're gonna choke I haven't eaten for 4 months as I have a phobia I'm gonna choke. I'm living on blended food and Ensures.

im the same darl i cant even tell u how long i have been on this crazy messed up anxiety turn hope we all find something to fix us soon xx

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Yeah I do to its horrible living like this 😫 X

Hi. It's awful to be anxious all the time. I started taking a multi vitamin and 500 mg of B12 and it's helped a lot. My doctor said the B12 is very important. I also agree with the "to do" list. When I get overwhelmed, just writing of typing a list of what has to be done and crossing off what's done helps a lot. Exercise helps too. I belong to a gym (I'm 70 with APS and have had a stroke) and I walk a lot and take exercise classes. Have a good day everyone.

Hi Hun 🤗 Xx

I've been on this ride now for about 14 months. I'm not at the peak any more, but I still feel out-of-breath everyday. Anxiety takes it's toll, the adrenaline and cortisol just wreck everything.

I read something the other day that seemed to help. An author explained anxiety as a friend who is trying to keep you alive. The problem is that anxiety relies on you for the messages for when to kick in. For instance: you see a dark figure in an alley coming at you. Your anxiety kicks up the chemicals for fight or flight mode and helps you get the hell outta there. The problem with anxiety sufferers is that they send faulty signals for no reason at all. Anxiety doesn't have eyes and ears, and it doesn't know that you're safe in your home and should be able to relax. All it knows is that you're pumped up and it's go time, so it cooperates and floods your body with chemicals. The more chemicals it pushes, the harder it is to come down form the anxiety cycle.

You have to relax. You have to give your body time to process the chemicals and come down from the high. You have to break the stress and negative thought patterns because all it is really doing is pushing your anxiety to think you're in danger all the time. If this happens long enough your brain just thinks you live in a war zone and you're in constant danger-so it just starts pushing chemicals 24/7 to help you stay alert. This is when GAD hits, and that's when it's the hardest to break.

In the end, what do I really know. I'm still focusing on every breath and fighting health anxiety off daily. I push myself to believe I have deadly diseases all the time so I'm constantly fighting off a state of panic. Doc's all tell me I have anxiety, so I have to roll with that. I haven't beaten it yer, but I get glimpses of peace. The anxiety cycle I typed above provided me with some peace yesterday and I hope it does for you too.

Take care.

This totally makes sense thank you x

I'm going through the same thing. Stomach issues. I literally have to force myself to eat . Then a few hours later I feel nauseous.

Horrible isn't it x

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