Head pressure/eye issues/imbalance/uncomfortable 24/7

I wanted to start a thread for people feeling how I have been feeling. I'm going to list my symptoms including possible causes.

About me:

I'm an active 29 year old male. I work on a computer 8-10 hours/day, 5 days a week. I have suffered a degree of panic attacks, anxiety and depression since the age of 16. For the most part I have been a happy go lucky kind of fella, but of course bugged down by personal circumstances. I think those circumstances could have played a role in contributing to my current situation, but quite frankly I can't quite except that mental illness has me feeling this way.

It all started about six months ago. The first thing I noticed was my vision didn't feel right (to add I do wear glasses, but it's the same even with/without contacts). Almost like I could not focus properly. Almost a heavy pressure on my eyes and very uneasy feeling. This has been more emphasized in supermarkets, under bright lights ect. This feeling in my vision also causes me a degree of dizziness, as well as balance issues. Now of course suffering with anxiety this only makes it worse. Acccompanying the vision issues, I have terrible head pressure, which I would say is more at the front and back, but quite frankly has been all over my head. This also includes a feeling of pins and needles. my head has also felt very heavy, and almost a feeling like my brain is floating in my head. Sudden head movements to either side also cause dizziness, and discomfort. Other issues: Living In a hot climate, being out in the sun is causing extreme fatigue and dizziness, which I have never had before... And again the anxiety only emphasizes it. This feeling is a 24/7 situation. The only relief I get is when I'm lying down, or I am asleep. Some days it's worse than others, but in general most of the time I'm feeling awful. It literally changes the way you live, as you don't feel normal, so you don't want to do even the normal things... I struggle taking my kids to the park, or even going to a shopping center. It's making me very irritable, and angry, which I'm not that kind of person.

So what have I had done. First thing I checked was my vision, in which the doc said all is fine and prescription almost the same as 2 years ago. Blood tests/health checks/ ekgs/ Heart stress test/ brain MRI all came back normal - except my wallet, which is now empty.

So what could it be? Well I have researched every day for the past six months, as of course I'm nervous about my health, but like you I'm just looking for answers to what is going on. I feel if I could just get a diagnoses I could better handle it, as at least I know what is going on. I'm not going to list what I think it might be, as that would probably take about 5 pages, since according to me I have everything going. So please comment on what you are feeling. Tell us what has helped you, and what you recommend. I do take natural medicine to address the anxiety/depression. I also eat a healthy diet, vitamins, probiotic ect. One thing I think has helping me is magnesium (http://www.m.webmd.com/diet/supplement-guide-magnesium).

I hope you all find answers. This is not the life we were meant to be living, but let's make the most of it. God bless.


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  • Sorry, I did mention I would list some causes, but as I was writing I realized I would be here all day listing what it could be. Should have edited before posting.

  • I'm dealing with similar issues that doctors can't figure out. I wake up every morning with head pressure, dizziness and just feeling weak and general. I gets way worse when I go out as well. They have also just told me anxiety but I don't feel like it is. I do have esophagitis on top of it all. I feel like I can't go out by myself with my daughter because of how awful I feel all the time. I hope we can find answers. Thank you for sharing!

  • Marie, sorry to hear about what your going through. Yea it's not a good feeling. Very unnerving and especially when you don't have any answers. I heard on the radio about a man who was suffering very similar symptoms to us. He ended up in the emergency room with his symptoms. His doc ended up prescribing him some meds to balance the chemicals in his brain, and also some anti-depressants. According to him, that turned his life around. He was able to get back on his feet. That is going to be my next step. I think it is just a case of knowing what is the correct meds for you personally. I will keep this thread updated with my situation. Good luck, and stay strong for your daughter. I have 2 kids - they keep me going. You are no alone.

  • I'm wondering what it was he took to help the chemicals in his brain. I'll have to do some research on that.

  • I think it was some kind of anxiety med on top of the antidepressants. A lot of anxiety is caused by a chemical imbalance. That's what the meds do.

  • Oh I see.. I was prescribed an anxiety med. I'm hoping it helps. Thank you

  • I promise your story sounds exactly like mine. I am going through the exact issues this very minute. The same symptoms you just called out I'm gping through it. The only you have did that I haven't yet is have a CT scan which I am trying to figure out now how can I go to the er and have one did because I don't have insurance. And my anxiety is through the roof about what is possibly going on with my brain. I have given myself every brain illness and now I can't even focus throughout the day. I feel like if I can get this CT scan it will give me some type of ease but now I'm also scared to get one too because I'm afraid they may say it is something serious. I have also started vitamins a few weeks ago. Magnesium is one of them.

  • So I really don't think you have an issue with your brain, which the MRI will confirm. My head has been all over the place for 6+ months and I was sure I had some kind of tumor. Got the reults which came back ok. Of course I'm still asking questions to what is going on, because I just don't feel right, but the worst thing you can do is panic over something that you don't know. Keep taking the vitamins/magnesium, drink plenty of water, balanced diet and just try and get on with your life (sounds bloody impossible). Might be worth considering talking to a physiologist, and maybe possible meds. Before you agree to anything, research the meds to know what your taking. Life is a gift, some people have had it a lot worse than us. Stay strong.

  • This is exactly the same as me. Mine started after I collapsed over 2 months ago and I get all of these symptoms daily. I am still undergoing tests but all ones so far are normal. I've had a MRI, CT full bloods including cortisol levels, thyroid, b12 and the only thing found so far was slight anaemia. I get a lot of eye heaviness/pressure and sensitivity to light and I find it so difficult to drive or be in a very busy place like a supermarket. I can't focus properly and have a lot of headaches. One of my doctors maintains it all stems from anxiety as my anxiety has gone through the roof since I collapsed and he said I have heightened awareness of any symptom from my body. So most people would carry on and ignore it but I panic and worry and pay too much attention to these symptoms so they seem worse. I in part agree but I do not believe that every day I feel ill so much so that it's changed my whole life and the answer is it anxiety. I will keep trying to find the answer and hope that it's sooner rather than later and that its a quick fix. I just want my life and sanity back as everything seems so very difficult even going to the shops

  • I can't tell you how many times I have been on the verge of collapsing. Seen stars and literally had to sit down and slow down. I truly think it's anxiety related. And of course you are going to overthink every last thing you feel. I mentioned a guy above who was rushed to the emergency after collapsing, he was actually prescribed meds to balance the chemicals in his brain as well as antidepressants. That was a number of years back. He had same issues as us. Now he is back to his old self. I think there is always a solution. Go see someone and talk about your situation. I know there is a huge stigma over visiting a physiologist, but sometimes we really need help that we can't get anywhere else. Stay strong. Don't overthink it.

  • Happening to me too , but I won't get anxious about it because it is anxiety and depression . I should start taking vitamin pills or magnesium tablets . Heard they help alot

  • Keep us posted on how you get on. I'm glad you have some kind of grip on it.

  • I have the same exact symptoms as you. My vision is technically normal but it feels so off especially in weirdly lit places like low lit restaraunts or florescent lights. I kind of feel like I'm in a fish bowl with head pressure and weird headaches and sinus pressure as well as weird head sensations like wet feelings.

    Anyway sounds similar to what you're experiencing. I've been tested for a lot. I didn't ever think I had an anxiety problem but the docs thinks that's all it is. I'm still not totally convinced and looking into Lyme, allergies, or neck stuff.

    Anyway I know how you feel. It totally sucks not knowing what's going on. Hopefully we can get through this! I might try some meds soon too, keep us updated!

  • Hi Tommy, I have all of this and more, starting with the vision problems. In my case, the culprit was a short course of a fluoroquinolone antibiotics (cipro) with classically delayed symptoms. One thing that drug does is leach magnesium from the body, so magnesium supplements are very important to feeling better. Did you take any antibiotic at any point in the months prior to the onset of your symptoms? I too did the expensive wild goose chase of causes with nothing turned up. The tests they give do not identify fluoroquinolone toxicity. The FDA has recently added new black box warnings to the antibiotics but it seems that doctors don't read them. If that's the case, first off it's important to never take those drugs again, avoid NSAIDS like ibuprofen, too. There is a great site for help if so, called floxiehope.com.

  • Hi these problems are the same that I'm experiencing but I noticed they began as soon as a started using an ibuprofen gel on my chest? Do you know if this might be a link?

  • Wow it's crazy to know others are feeling pretty much the exact same sensations as I am. For me this all started about a week ago when I just thought my vision looked weird and not in a way I can really explain, just weird. Now I'm struggling with dizziness which seems to flare up as soon as I start to overthink things and become anxious. So far I've been to the opticians yesterday and my eyes were apparently absolutely fine. Now I'm considering going to the doctors but don't know what to say to him. I'm sure it's just anxiety but that underlying anxious feeling of a potential tumour is killing me right now. The worst anxiety of my life. Even as I'm writing this the back of my head feels so tense and pressured and tingly. I just want this to end

  • I can't shake the thought off that I have a Tumor I feel horrible

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