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Hey guys, as of late it's been an up hill battle with my anxiety.... I'm still alive even though there's been 100's of times i thought that i would pass. So that's good! Just kind of a question if anyone knows how to really separate you know palpitations (the fluttering feeling in my chest for me specifically) or if it's like Atrial fibrillation, PVC, maybe ventricular fibrillation... The only reason I ask is because while i was working out yesterday, it was a really intense workout, I got the double beats ontop of my already 170+ heart rate, and it scared the hell out of me because I could feel it in my neck. I've gone in an gotten all the tests done including stress of course it's all normal. Just kind of looking for some reassurance or perhaps if you guys have any idea of what it could be. Thanks :)

edit: I've had this fluttering happen before, but not usually while working out

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  • Yes it happens to me when ive been to circuit training...apparently it can cause more palpitations if you suffer anxiety and if you're on medication

  • Hi, I have suffered with double beats and PVC's for over 20 yrs.....have you ever wore a heart monitor for several days? This would tell the drs. exactly when and what was happening. If I did any exercise to raise my heart beat I too would have an irregular rhythm. If it was A Fib I feel your dr. would have really picked up on it....I was in ER after almost passing out 2x and the dr. said with A Fib it is not to worry about it if it doesn't last more than a minute or so. As you have likely been told PVCs and double or skipped beats are "harmless" unless there is heart disease. I too can feel the pulse in my throat and if I look at my chest I can see it pounding at times. Take care and if you have not had a halter monitor perhaps you might want to ask your dr.

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