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I really need help 😫

I'm leaving my current job for another as I'm just not happy there. I have been quite close to my boss and explained everything so I wouldn't just leave her in the lurch as my notice period is quite short. since then she's been absolutely vile to me. yesterday I had an investigatory meeting and now I feel like she's going to give me a disciplinary. I don't know what to do. I can't afford to leave without another job but I'm finding it so difficult and nobody understands I'm just a constant anxious mess and I can't stop crying I feel like I'm gonna have some kind of breakdown

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This is awful for you Bosses can really be evil Is there anyone you can talk to at work as you have lots of rights You say you are going to another job is that definate and all ok ? If so then just ride it out knowing you are going soon

It sounds like she just really doesn't want you to leave This happened to a friend and the boss threatened everything it never came to anything it was all just talk

I do hope it all works out ok for you and don't forget you have rights

All the very best good luck with the new job and hope this nightmare ends soon for you


thing is I don't have a job yet. I told her so she was fully prepared as we're in a very small town and only a handful of people work here. I honestly thought I was helping. I know I should have been more selfish and just kept it to myself. do you think she's being horrible cos she doesn't want me to leave? my boyfriend seems to think so. just finding everythjng very hard at the moment


Yes definitely its her way of trying to keep you It was probably a shock as you say you were close Its your life and you can work for whoever and wherever you like Just go ahead look for something there's nothing she can do if you haven't broken your contract She might come up with a huge pay rise !! It sounds like emotional blackmail to me Stay strong you have rights The Citizens Advice are great

Good luck don't let someone spoil your days xx


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