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I need help!

I've been suffering from anxiety and depression quite bad recently, and it's been making me feel really ill and extremely sick... I also have emetaphobia, (a fear of being sick) which makes it so much worse! In 2009, when I was 9 I was diagnosed with minor Tourette's syndrome, which is not verbal and it hasn't bothered me much, as it's just things like eye rolling and coughing, and sniffing. I'm anemic, which means my body does not absorb iron:/ so I find I get very ill a lot... Now I'm feeling very sick and I'm not sure why... I want to find out if this is all linked or there's another reason for feeling ill all the time, can anyone help me please? Xx

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Hey Lauraviolet,

It sounds like you've been having a bad time, and as much as I wish I could help, I really recommend you go to a medical professional. We do have some smart people on here but it's a bit like googling your symptoms, sometimes it's a fit but it could also really not be.

A friend of mine had had anemia at uni and she used to eat chalk unless she was taking her iron tablets. Are you talking your iron tablets or have you started eating anything weird lately?


No I'm eating as normal, it's been happening since last Christmas I just can't seem to be 100% better... It's like I'm ill for a couple of days then alright for about 3 days then I'm ill again.


Is it like flu I'll or stomach ill?


Hi Lauraviolet, I do agree with superstarkirblondie that you do need to seek medical advice from your doctor. He knows your health history and would be better able to let you know why you are feeling so ill. I wish you my best. x


Thankyou x

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