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Help with blood test results-panicking!

hi all, I was hoping someone could give me a virtual slap and (hopefully) tell me I'm panicking about nothing. I've been dealing with suspected acid reflux recently (hoarse voice, burping, burning in chest etc). Since I've been worrying about that I've been feeling wiped out. I'm pretty sure its the anxiety because its controlling my life but I've also spoken to other with acid reflux who said the constant sore throat, heartburn etc can make them feel wiped out too. Just in case the doc said she'd order a standard set of blood tests. I rang to get the results who said its all good, no further action needed but I picked up a copy of the results just to see what they tested for. On the full blood count everything is normal range except the neutrophil level. Its 1.77 and the normal range is 1.8-8. I know this is just slightly out and the lab and my doctor have both reviewed and said taking everything into account they don't think any action is needed but I stupidly googled it and low neutrophils can mean horrible stuff like leukaemia and lymphoma. There are also more reasons like a b12 deficiency but now I cant forget the scary ones. I'm guessing the fact its so close to normal and nothing else is wrong means it doesn't point to anything else otherwise they would have at least said they'll monitor it. It was so normal they didn't even bother to call me to give me the results. I gave up waiting and called the doctor and the receptionist ended up reading me the doctors notes. I am considering asking for a b12 test because I'm showing a few other signs of that but if someone could talk some sense into me that would be great!?!

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I always have the same..I use to worry but talking to lab people they say it's OK... I think stress drops the levels as it effects the whole body..but follow through with what makes you feel better


hey, thanks for the reply. That does make me feel much better. I did ring the surgery today to see if i could speak to a doctor and the receptionist did make a good point. the doctor i'd seen in my appointment reviewed the results personally and was so unconcerned about it she didnt even bother to call me back to tell me my results were normal-just marked it as seen and 'patient may ring to collect results. Confirm ok over the phone'. I am on PPI medication for reflux which can cause low b12 (which can show reduced neutrophil and explain tiredness) so I might ask to be checked for that when I go in for review of my meds in 2weeks. I did also read today that bad colds or viral infections can cause it and I hadn't long been over a cold and had a really sore gum round my wisdom tooth (they're a bit iffy so keep getting infections in the gum around it). Also, if its one of the more scary things there tend to be plenty more than one result out and not slightly outside like mine was so that's more reassuring. I just hate the unknown. I think a lot of my health anxiety stems from my slight OCD, I like nice precise, black and white answers! I hate health anxiety so much. My husbands the complete opposite so completely doesn't get why I worry so much. I reckon he could have an arm drop off and he'd barely bat an eyelid, ha ha! Xx


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