Palpitations again

So I've been an absolute nightmare been a and e again with theses palpations was walking yesterday boom happend again had them again today they really upset me and work me up, blood tests come bak normal apart from high white blood test says it's acid reflux, any help think it's my heart supposed to go cardiologist today but they cancelled for another 4 weeks,, just want to get to the bottom off these it like beats Normal then does a flutter but normal heart beat??? Help someone give me advise I'm only 30 feel like I'm going insane


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  • I'm 27 and have had heart palpitations since I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic back in 2007. They come and go and are random as all get out in nature. I don't have them often but when I do it starts the 'vicious cycle'. Heart palpitations are one of the very most common symptoms. More than likely you're perfectly fine, just know that these feelings are uncomfortable but they aren't harmful! Our body and mind plays CRAZY tricks on us all the time.

  • Thank you for replying, I've had anxiety since 2008, got the odd palpations but this December was getting them more and more all the time one night and scared me I couldn't sleep, ever since then I get them not all the time but wen I do I can't handle them they scare me, Iam a anxious person like really bad and can't concentrate on anything else other than my heart wen I have them

  • Same happens to me ive seen a heart docter they say im fine but i still get it when i go outside sometimes when im home i feel like its something wrong because it beats really fast i feel flutters too and chest pains dont know what do anymore but i try to calm down and like you said i concentrate on my heart when i feel it then i touch my chest and it goes even faster When that happens i think im going to have a heart attack and your 30 and im 20 get scared of it even doe i had a stress test on a trim mill and 7day monitor but still feel like something is wrong with it

  • Yea I'm the exact same I get all hot and feel like adrenaline in my chest sometimes and it annoys me cause I'm constant thinking, I feel my pulse in my neck that beats fast sometimes but wen I'm having these flutters my heart beat feels normal, my cardiologist cancelled yesterday for another 4 weeks. Think I'm doing the same tests you had, some days I feel normal but as soon as I get them I'm in a state, thanks for replying and sharing your story, your only 20 aswell the doctors say I'm too young to have anything wrong with my heart and I feel they look at me stupid and talk to me like I'm nothing it really frustrates me

  • Yeah but the docters dont know it doesnt me anything if your young it could happen when they say oh your youn i say what does that mean anything can be wrong even if your young or old that doesnt mean anything just because you are young they think your healthy like have to make sure.

  • It's part of health anxiety, and the more you focus on your heart and the symptoms our bodies tend to increase them! Just try to reassure yourself nothing physically is wrong. Yes the symptoms are physical, but once again we've experienced them countless times and nothing bad has ever happened. I still can't stand them when they happen but learnin to accept them and not fight can go a long ways! :)

  • Your right but it's hard not to think about them 😩

  • I know how u feel what u need to do is take the fear away of palpitations know they cant hurt u that its just your anxiety. Trust me i know they are very scary.

  • Look up doctor sanjay gupta york cardiologist on youtube, he has loads of videos explaining everything. Im finding him very helpful, he is also on facebook

  • Yea I've seen him been on YouTube he does help, I google things aswell and that's not good for me cause it makes me worse lol

  • I've had them since I was about 14 I'm 23 now, They ere that bad they used to wake me up and I'd jump out of bed in sheer panic, I've cut out all kinds of caffeine now As that can make it worse, As scary as they are just know that you will be fine

  • Same they make me jump out off my skin I will try and think positive thank you for replying

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied. Helps to know what each person is experiencing and how you are dealing with the palpitations .

  • A few things that have really helped my palps..... drink lots of water - dehydration can make them more obvious. Take a magnesium and potassium supplement - both of these elements are vital for heart rhythm. Get some exercise - it can sometimes put it back into normal rhythm and is good for you anyway. Get proper sleep - mine ALWAYS appear after a late night. Try the Valsalva movement - google it. Cough quite strongly- same as valsalva - squeezes the muscles in your chest cavity and puts it back to normal beat. Do some meditation - great app is Calm. Start with 3 minutes and work up. Reassure yourself that is is 99% anxiety related (NO - don't obsess about that 1% - you're not that lucky!!!!!!!!!!). Good luck 😘

  • Awesome advice

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