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Hi everyone, it's been a month since I last posted, I wish I had better news, I can say I have some decent news, my anxiety is okay I would say, I wouldn't say I'm 100% but I'm getting by 😊 I never forgot about you guys, I always keep you in mind, I give credit to the people on here, living with anxiety is pretty tough and I can't imagine living with for years, it must be tough, I really wish those people alot of peace and happiness and as the tittle of this post suggests, I am back in school, I am a senior and I feel pretty good about it, to tell you guys the truth at school it's where I feel the most normal being surrounded by friends and dealing with your everyday teenage drama and the whole school things, it's easy to deal with that ! But anyways I just wanted to update yall on what's going on with me, I really wish you guys the best and so much happiness and peace, you guys are always in my prayers ❀ in this forum I feel pretty comfortable and easy to talk about how I feel, to tell yall the truth, I feel like I have some issues, I'm very insecure and I have so many trust issues with my friends, I know I'm not alone with issues but even so it feels nice to get it out there and to let anyone else know they aren't alone, I really wish yall a good day and many more days of peace and happiness may God bless all of you guys ❀

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  • You're one of the Worlds most loveliest:)

    Good luck in school this year.. hope it's the best one yet!

  • Thank you 😊 and I wish the same for you, a pretty awesome year

  • Thanks so much for the warm wishes to you and your journey back in school. Just to see you say those words, "wish you all peace and happiness" it's makes my heart cry and feel loved because I'd never would think just those two words alone so many people just like me are now praying and hoping for those two things because of our conditions that's have damn near stripped us of those two things right there. And i thank you for just saying that. And i wish you the best. I hope we all will get better with time. God bless you dear.

  • May God bless you as well, don't give up hope okay, it will get better and the battle won't be easy but someday you will all find those two words and the destination will be pretty amazing, I wish you and others, a good year and more strength to continue on this journey 😊 you will find peace and happiness, always hope and pray

  • Most definitely will hang on to my hope and always prayer. Cheers to peace and happiness πŸ˜„

  • Hi Alan_98, my friend. I'm so glad your anxiety has gotten better. You so deserve it. Enjoy being back at school with your friends and "teenage drama". :) We're always here if you need a friend. Wishing you my best x

  • Hey Agora πŸ˜† my good friend ! I hope yours had gotten better too, don't give up either (: and thank you for your wishes, I hope you have wonderful and peaceful days, you deserve it and I wish you the best, may God bless you and you have a friend in me too, I'm always here

  • So lovely to hear from you Alan!! I've often wondered how you are ☺

    Am so very happy that you're better and I pray that things get even better for you darlin'!

    Blessings πŸ™

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