Anxioty hits back

I've. Gone down a lot today think its. The thought of a trip I've planned with our Drama School ye t I've been doing stuff going out not avoiding doing what say I should had to come to bed with the fuzzy head and loads of tension and Anxiety I'm ok but should I go or should I stay at home

Is just a blip or is it a warning to take it easy have I taken on to much


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  • I'm afraid only you can answer that question. Although you do need to be kind to yourself and if you feel that you've taken too much on is it possible you can deligate some tasks for the trip? Also do you have any relaxation music or downloads you can use when you go to bed to take your mind off things? Xx

  • Thankyou

  • I agree with winter, you do have to decide, do you feel that you may of done to much, they say listen to your body. On the other hand anxiety has a way of making us feel exhausted, and unwell , it also can come down to thoughts, anxiety saying no you feel bad now, so don't go , and yes it could be a blip, so not going could be giving in to anxiety. Also instead of deciding tonight and having it on your mind to much, why not try to relax to ease off the anxiety and then make a decision, in the morning if possible.




  • Thanks Bonnie x

  • Hi Biguy

    Maybe you are getting a little anxious as it seems you are letting your mind run away with all the thoughts going through it , which is exactly what we do :o

    So much happening here at the moment & in the future & the only way I can deal with it , is one at a time & to stay in the day & not allow my mind to race to far a head

    I no sometimes this is not easy , but with practice we can do it

    You say you have been doing well , so good for you :)

    Keep talking on here & get support




  • I will your all fantastic Thankyou

  • Yes loads of stuff on my iPad yes it does help thanks for posting its strange how things get to me before Anxiety they called me planet Stu as I was always planning stuff now I just don't want to plan stuff this trip was a result of a phone call from the BBC for the kids to be in a CBBC tv show so had to say yes but at what cost scared it will cause e to burn out but I doubt that will happen fewww just fed up with the Anxioty been to the Gym today as well can't win sometimes

  • Let us no how it goes & what you decide to do & we are here to support if you need us


  • Wish we had a app for this kind of support Thankyou xxx

  • Thanks to you all helps to see things from other points yes I should just wait and see how I sleep tonight

  • I know for me if I try to do anything outside my comfort zone, especially trips away my anxiety goes haywire. Any symptom it can think of it throws at me, any terrifying thought or scenario - anything to make me stay home.

    Eventually I got so narked with this restriction I now try to go anyway. It doesn't work all the time. Sometimes I don't manage to go. Sometimes I have to take IT with me and he isn't much of a travelling companion. But sometimes it's ok - the thought was much worse than the reality.

    Whatever you decide - good luck and do not worry.



  • Yes your right it's never as bad as all that they say that's so true

  • Think I will do some relaxation now to sort my stupid head out xxx

  • It's a tough one & of course entirely your choice. These decisions are always that much more difficult though when others are relying on us aren't they?

    I can only say what I would do. If it were me & I'd been doing ok I would go, but, knowing it will be tough I would try to make my evening as easy as possible, maybe even the next day too. Plan on ordering a take-away for dinner, a soak in the bath etc. Hopefully a lie-in the next morning as I know I would be tired. I hope you see what I mean.

    In general I find it best to push myself sometimes but be aware that it will take it's toll & plan for some time to recover too. Of course, if you really don't feel up to it then don't go, & never feel like you have to explain, a simple 'sorry, I can't make it' is enough.

    Whatever you decide I wish you well, let us know how it goes ;-)


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