people & my family making me feel that I am crazy and almost like they are in denial that I am mentally sick - please help

Hi guys.

About a month ago, I wrote a post on the pains I have been having in my back, ribs, etc. I still have them occasionally and still don't know what they are nor why they are occurring. I really wish these pains would just go away so I could feel normal again, but i have been having such a hard time and have felt so alone. I don't want to keep suffering and I fear that I'm just going to have to keep suffering alone and when I think of that, I don't even think that life is worth living. I hope no one ever suffers like I am suffering. I wouldn't wish it upon my greatest enemy.

I am in therapy & on medication, but I know this process is going to take some time before it starts improving, if it does at all.

In the meantime, I have felt as if no one is understanding that I am mentally sick and it's preventing me from pursuing my normal daily activities and ambitions. Almost as though people are forgetting that i have a serious anxiety problem and making me feel as though I'm crazy when I feel something is wrong (like with those pains) and that I'm just a waste of space since I am not doing much at the moment. My parents almost seem to be in denial of the fact that I am very mentally sick and think everything will just go away once I have therapy and am on pills. They think that I am deliberately being lazy & doing nothing just because I want to, but I wish they knew that I don't have a choice. MY ANXIETY IS LITERALLY STOPPING ME FROM DOING ANYTHING BECAUSE OF MY FEAR. I feel as though no one is getting that and thinking I'm just trying to be inconsiderate and lazy. I wish I had control, I really do. The people in my life think THEY'RE annoyed with my behavior? I'm the one who is actually suffering. And instead of helping me, supporting me, and understanding that I am in an extremely overwhelming and depressing situation, they yell at me, demand me to get a job, and say I have no life. I really don't understand how someone thinks that antagonizing me like that will possibly make my situation any better. I just feel so alone and misunderstood and I don't know how much more I can take. I feel so alone and like everyone is just attacking me and are disappointed in me and I don't feel as though I have anyone who is there for me through it. I just am sick of battling things alone and wish I had someone. Please help & advise me. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you. ❤


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  • Some people dont understand anxiety, expectantly since its "all in your head" but its a real medical condition due to chemical imbalances, ect...chemical imbalances are real physical medical conditions that can make you feel many're not crazy....don't worry were all in the same boat and it effects millions of people with the exact same thing. Just know that you will get over it eventually, im in the same situation..laying around a lot. We will get better, I promise.

  • Thank you so much, jeffreyscott.

  • Hi Daniel. I am very sorry you are going through this especially when your family aren't being very supportive, whether they understand or not. It's family you depend on the most.

    Please know you're not alone I have many anxiety symptoms that scare the shit out of me. What helps me through it is concentrating on things I want in life and keep my thoughts positive as much as I can. It takes time but it works. Also with the physical symptoms I have also learnt when they come I let the feeling come and just relax through it as best as I can and it goes away quite quickly. It's hard at first but more you do it the easier it is.

    It's hard though when you feel alone and no one understands what you're feeling, I understand that. Please try what I said because it does work. At the end of the day it's only YOU who can help yourself! Please write to me anytime you want about anything I am happy to help.

  • Daniel I have also read a couple of books that have helped so much. One is Self help for nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. Go onto Amazon is cheap to buy. This book sits by my bed and a go back to it now and then. She had helped me tremendously. Reading it makes you feel someone finally understands you.

  • You are not alone. You have us on here. You are right about family and friends not understanding though. But how can they understand though? If you go to them with a broken arm they can see you are hurt and injured. You are going to them with something invisible and beyond their comprehension. They are not doctors or other health professionals who understand about anxiety. Having said that, it is not pleasant when people think we are just somehow 'acting out'. Have your parents ever had a talk with your doctor about anxiety disorder and its consequences? It might help them to hear things from someone like that. There are also options for you to help in your daily struggle. There is medical intervention, like short term medication in conjunction with therapy. You also have this resource here. All, or most of us, on here understand your situation, and between us have come up with a variety of coping mechanisms. Use all the resources you have to make things a it easier. Remember, you are not alone.

  • People here DO understand... Daniel, please speak to you doctor about getting some kind of counseling/ you can speak to someone who DOES understand...and yet is detached enough to 'see' what is going on and be of a real benefit to you. Don't settle for a preacher/minister...or some who call themselves 'real therapists' but are NOT.... but DO get a recommendation from your dr.

    Good luck. Sending you a hug!


  • Daniel get like a learning sponge to learn about this and read watch study everything you can to battle this. Think if it as a game where you find the way out. You have to build your "toolbox" of coping skills plans and helping tools. This is the only way. I recommend the linden method, self help books and study guides as well as group therapy and individual therapy. Make lists of what you can use to help when you have a bad day. Take a chance with meds and don't give up.... Every person has to find the right med for them....a lot have given up after just one....every med affects differently. I even had an adverse reaction to celexa that made me go into an awful episode but I didn't give up and found Zoloft was my miracle drug to balance my brain chemistry. Get working on that toolbox and you will be fine. Best of luck bud.

  • Sorry your going through this, I to struggle with anxiety and panic, I just started therapy, that helps, I know it sounds silly but go get yourself one of those adult coloring books, and go on you tube and try progressive muscle relaxation. Also every day or even week try to push yourself to do something that you have a hard time wIth, and talk yourself through it reminding yourself . You are safe, Your going to be okay. Also reading these posts and knowing what im feeling is real helps me good luck and God Bless

  • Hi Daniel, sorry to hear how you are feeling. I am dealing with anxiety just now, something I've never had before. I wasn't well in August and had lots of tests done etc. I spent weeks thinking there had to be something wrong which then lead to the anxiety issues I have now. I lost my job due to time off its been awful.

    It's always difficult when family and friends don't quite get how you are feeling. I only recently found this site and I find it very helpful with so many nice people all experiencing similar symptoms.

    I hope things get better for you!

    Jill x

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