How does your spouse respond to your anxiety?

Just wondering how your spouse responds to your anxiety? I've been happily married for six years.. but I feel like I've dealt with my anxiety alone..with only the help of my gp.. my counselor and you guys 😕 I mean my husband was there.. but he doesn't even begin to understand what I've gone through

I'm soo much better and feel I'm on the road to full recovery but as I look back on it all I see is a lot of crying... crying alone, feeling alone.. seeking answers alone. it's hard but I guess it's made me a stronger independent individual in the long run.


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  • Sunshine002, I think most of us with or without a spouse can say it is a very lonely mental issue. Those around us either don't understand and eventually get so tired of hearing the same thing over and over that they tune us out. You weren't alone in the crying. I did a lot of that as well. I think it was a part of the healing. Seeking answers alone helped make us stronger I agree. I only wish I had a forum like this years ago. A virtual hug. xx

  • Thank you agora 🙂

  • i think anxiety can make you feel lonely you can be in a room full of loved ones and still feel alone. I feel the same right now like my husband is getting on with life like nothing is wrong. Although he has listen to how i feel he just not fed the anxiety. Also i think it hard for people not going through this how do they help someone with all these thoughts and emotions when they cant relate because theyve never felt it. In a way for me i think it probably a good thing to get through it and work on myself coz ive always had to be alone husband works funny hours and lately ive needed him to be home which is impossible because he woild lose hes job. Any we will feel strong again when it all gets to a normal level of anxiety and theres no garentee we wont have to fight through again in the future.

  • My anxiety is best kept away from my spouse. If I show it it can be viewed as weakness by him. Every vulnerability I have shared over the years is like that. Seeking support outside the home is my best choice.

  • My hubby is very supportive, tho I can be mean to him, because what I am going through I'm not a happy person right now. Afraid I'm going to push him away one day. I just want to be my normal self again 🙏🏻

  • My hubby suffers with social anxiety so he can relate somewhat, but gets tired of reassuring me sometimes. He gives me tough love when I'm begging him to rush me to the ER and sometimes I cry and say how mean he is but once my attack has passed I thank him for not enabling me. Mental illness is a very lonely illness, we kind of have to fight it alone. When I had insomnia, that was the loneliest time for me. I would wake my hubby up sometimes but then I'd feel bad for keeping him up when he had work the next day. He's taken so much time off for me though. He's been really great.

  • My husband once took a week off to be with me.. I was so thankful for that, but I also felt so selfish about it for some reason.

    He took gives me those tough love moments.. I say please i need to go to the hospital and he doesn't take me bc he says I was fine. End the end I was fine and he was right.

    A lot of times I say to him.. oh you could do better... you could find someone who doesn't have issues... but I know that he loves me and I'm thankful that I've got a shoulder to cry on sometimes

  • It's always nice to have unconditional love ❤️ sometimes wat helps me the most is a good cuddle

  • Yes 🙂

  • Hi I understand why your husband doesn't get involved to many suggestions can cause more confusion and may lead you up the wrong path your councillor will keep you on track

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