Reluctantly back to work

This afternoon my first shift back at work after seven weeks of sick, the truth is I'm feeling anxious about the whole thing but I know I have to do it, the thought of having symptoms of anxiety/panic terrifies me, I'm a support worker for adults with learning/physical disabilities, many also have behavioural and mental health issues, just hope I can be strong enough for them? Wish me luck peeps :-) xxx


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7 Replies

  • Good luck! After 7 weeks you should be having a phased back into work, so hope you not just being thrown in the deep end! Your employer has a duty of care to you too! Peace!

  • Hi Alun001

    Yeah its a phase return, just two shifts this week, gradually work my way back to full time, thanks for replying, means alot to me:-) xx

  • That's good, not to bad then, just take each moment as it comes, knowing each moment is an end and a new beginning. Imagine a bubble of safety and comfort around you and you decide what to let in. Any demands or stresses left outside. Leaving you to function on a positive level, and knowing when your shift is finished you can look back on the day and be proud of yourself.


  • you have got this!! all the best xx

  • Thanks guys, much appreciated, :-) xxx

  • Good luck! I hope you have an easy day today!

  • I commend you suzie482 in the work you are doing. Hope your day is going well.

    It's not will you be strong enough for them but You Are Strong Enough For Them. :) xx

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