So lastnite i woke up after 2 and felt anxious i was feeling that my heart was beating fast it wasnt but because i started over thinking it started to race ever since I've been in a panic after panic i cant seem to calm down. And then i was driving and felt like my heart was quivering and that sent me intonan overdrive i know my period is days away i dont knw if this is contributing to this please can anyone offer some form of advice.


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  • Looking back on your previous posts, it looks like you've had comment on this a few times before. It certainly doesn't seem worrying

  • I know but its just so awful i cant seem to calm down at all

  • Well this site is packed with ideas and suggestions from others, although chronic anxiety is by its nature always present, but hopefully in a tolerable way.

    At present your thought about your heart should be "this is just a thought , it will pass"


  • Thanks Dave but sometimes when u are in full blown anxiety mood i find that its quite difficult to even do my breathing exercises my mind is all over the place with negative thoughts

  • This is negative reinforcement. Try repeating the breathing and minfullness exercises or go for a different version of them on YouTube. Avoid making negative statements as they will be self fulfilling

  • Thank u so much for replying i will try that. Im at the doctor now hoping i will get some relief

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