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Severe panic attacks!! Help!!


Last night I had back to back panic attacks that were so severe I thought I was dying. I felt like i wasnt getting enough air and thought I was going to pass out. Today I feel extremely tired and lightheaded and my heart seems to be beating faster. Is it normal to feel this way? Normally I feel pretty normal thd day after but I've never had attacks that were that severe.

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Many people with anxiety feel there hearts are running away from them when they hear or feel their heart beating, generally this is normal and the more you worry the louder it feels or sounds.

If you are unhappy with and worried your GP will check the heart and put your mind at rest. Sometimes when people wake in the morning their Hearts beat for a time.

With regards to thinking you are going too die. Anxiety can cause this problem and all I can really say it will happen in some way sometime and I would try and put that in the back of your mind. What can we do about it ??!!. when it happens it happens, we have no say in our future lives.

All I can suggest is see your GP the Surgery will put your mind at rest.

Please do not worry



Hi lexan1982,

What you are feeling is normal the day after a panic attack. Having a panic attack (particularly a bad one) completely exhausts your body and it takes a while to go back to normal. My doctor told me that an attack releases stress hormones and it can take days to go back to normal, which is why an attack soon after is common as well. Try not to stress about the lightheaded feeling you are describing. This is something I get the day after every panic attack, sometimes it can last for a couple of days but it will pass again. The more thought that you give it, the longer it will stay. Same with concentrating too much on your heart. Anxiety will not damage your heart, try to focus on that!

Panic disorder causes so many symptoms, some of them are hard to believe. I hope you feel better soon!

Please see my post Sept 1st titled "Microwave radiation from wireless technology causes deleterious health issues." Also, deep breathing exercises will help. When my daughter was at her worst and suffering sever anxiety she began taking yoga classes, easy restorative classes at first which helped her to understand the importance of correct breathing. She always says, "Yoga saved my life." Maybe you have a studio close to you and could benefit from this ancient healing.

Thank you for the responses! Knowing that I'm not alone and thd things I'm experiencing are common is comforting and hopefully I can relax and not stress over it!! Thank you so much!!

Hi, I am suffering with severe panic and am not able to drive or go for a walk on my own. It is so debilitating. I refuse to let this run my life. I currently started doing yoga at home and meditation, all from my computer. We will see how it goes.

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