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never experienced this bad before


Hi fellow sufferers.

I feel like I've come to a point where nothing will ever help ever again. I've suffered depression/anxiety on and off for 15 years and seem to have so much wrong, but not enough wrong for professionals to take it seriously enough if that makes sense? Therefor I feel I've hit the point where I can't get my head ok ever again. Ive never been this bad. I have a constant pressure in my head where it's like it's about to explode and almost like I can feel the pressure coming out through my ears? I feel so so warm and especially my face and like I'm literally on fire from the inside, I get so sweaty for nothing and like I can't think cause I'm overheating. Then the pressure/pain It goes down between my shoulderblades and then my arms can get heavy and numb. My tounge can go numb all of a sudden and I get this blood taste in my mouth. I can feel nauseous and then feel like I'm gonna pass out. I have a cramp in my throat where it feels like i can't speak nor swollow sometimes. And like I'm loosing brain capacity and that my whole head/body is shutting down. Doctor/psych just keep telling me take different antidepressants, sleeping pills and such but I don't want to anymore I've been on antidepressants for 10 years and it's never completely ok anyway?

i can't believe this is just anxiety symptoms neither, I feel like they're missing something cause they don't take me serious?

Does it sound like normal anxiety/stress to you guys?

I can't go on like this don't know what to do anymore.

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Hi Carroegg, Now that you've come to the point that you think nothing will ever help, it's time for you to get angry. Not at yourself, but at this bully that has taken so much from you. When we get to the point that meds don't work and doctors no longer give you support but seem as baffled as you are, then it's time to take control of your anxiety. We must be our own advocates. All the symptoms you have mentioned are the same ones and more that I have gone through over the years. You mentioned something I've never heard anyone say before which I use to get and that is blood taste in my mouth. I never did figure that out but it use to freak me out. I use to think that they missed something. How could anxiety cause this symptoms. But then again, how long do I keep banging my head against the door looking for answers. I finally gave up and told myself I would no longer allow this to happen to me but first I got off my medication (benzos). Afterall, I wasn't getting any relief so what would the difference be. I slowly weaned off and got worse before getting better. I couldn't believe that most of my symptoms were coming from the medicines. Anxiety was no longer the main cause of my distress, it was the medicines playing with my brain. I've been free of benzos 2 years now and won't say that I don't feel anxious at times but my mind is clear, I'm not in a fog and most of all, I've learned to accept any symptoms, and push it aside. It no longer terrifies me. I hope you find what you need in going forward and healing. There is something out there for each and every one of us, we just have to find the answer. x

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Thank you so much for your reply Agora1. I just feel so hopeless but it helps to hear that others have fought through same symptoms and survived! What benzos where u on? I've been given oxazepam but scared of taking them everyday!

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Hi Carroegg, after being left on the smallest dosage of Xanax daily for 30 years they no longer worked. Was put on Ativan for a short time as an alternate. That didn't work at all and that's when I decided to withdraw completely (with doctor's consent) from any benzos. We all need a boost sometimes to get us moving in the right direction so as not to stay stuck.

Medication can play an important part in helping you for a short time while you entertain other options to help such as therapy etc. Medication is not the total answer but in partnership with other modalities. Good Luck x

It absolutely sounds like normal anxiety. And I've been feeling like this since I was a child and grew up with it now 51 years old and sometimes feeling like I'm spinning out of control. I still go out and have fun and do everything that others do , but I have health anxiety and feel I'm worrying out loud to friends and family too much . I take Xanax and citalopram. So yes this crap tries to take over your life to you have to fight back hard. Do not give in and ask God to get you through. Good luck my friend and God Bless

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Lynl thank you for your reply! feels a bit better to hear that it is normal, then I'm not the biggest freak on earth. How long have you taken Xanax and do you take it everyday? my anxiety is more focused on social, which makes it harder I think, and makes me feel trapped!

With me, those symptoms were caused by Fluoroquinolone antibiotics, in my case Cipro and then Avalox. If you took any antibiotics in that family at any point, the symptoms can be delayed. So please check. There are things to do to help, if so, (especially f you took in combination with certain other drugs) the head pressure is terrible, I'm so sorry that you have it. If you did take one of the antibiotics (and doctors really don't seem to know this, even though the FDA has been adding warnings to the drugs) let me know and I can steer you in a good direction. Meanwhile, some things that can't hurt but might help: take a good magnesium supplement, mag malate is pretty good on the stomach, and 2 or 3 thousand mgs of vitamin C every day. It's a good cleanser and safe, and try to avoid sugar, at least while you're figuring out what's ailing you. Finding out what it was cut the anxiety a lot, I've found. A lot of Rx meds cause or worsen anxiety as well. In any case, you are not alone.

I take .5mg 4 times a day. But I'm used to it, so don't start with that unless doc says. I have a lot of panic and anxiety an it just takes the edge off

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