What's the weirdest panic attack symptom you have ever witnessed?

Let's see how many crazy odd symptoms we have all experienced... It might help us sometime if we encounter a new one to remember that it is indeed part of anxiety. I seem to encounter a new symptom each time I panic.

Mine weirdest one happened today. After a Sudden surge of anxiety, my scalp started to burn like it was on fire. It started back at my neck and worked its way forward. It went away after 5 minutes.

What is your weirdest symptom?


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  • Numbness of one side of my body. Face and everything. I think that's one of the weirdest but I've had actually that many I don't even know anymore ! X

  • This happened to me last week.. Lips, tongue, hand and foot all on one side. Dr. Confirmed it was anxiety....

  • Everything I ever get checked out always seems to be anxiety I cry a lot when I visit the walk in etc because it's so frustrating hearing the same sentence "it's just anxiety" x

  • Where do I start!

  • Mine was suddenly feeling like" I wasn't there" it was so horrible it was like I was outside looking in It would be interesting to hear other people's stories

  • I get prickly sensations. And scalp tightness

  • I feel like I'm not here sometimes like I can't feel myself and my body

  • Any ideas how I upload a profile picture on here ?

  • I was found pacing back and forth across the yard holding a blanket repeating the same thing over and over.

  • I also have had the out of body experience. The worst is right now, i feel like im gonna have a heart attack and im really out of it with head fog, and body aches

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