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Heartburn that doesn't go away for long!!

As much as I have my anxiety under control now,the slightest thing can upset my system,I recently had blood tests due to tiredness and generally feeling run down,my thyroid came back as borderline so I need another blood test in 3 months,however these last few weeks I've had a few personal issues which are now sorted but I'm getting bouts of heartburn with everything I eat or drink!! My back muscles feel all knotted up too,so I'm thinking could the heartburn be more anxiety related or could it be my thyroid is changing and that's the reason for heartburn and feeling like sometimes my food is still in my chest,I don't want to start worrying there's something serious because it will cause my anxiety to come back with a vengeance,I take propanolol but I've heard you have to check you can take gaviscon with it anyone out there have any ideas about anything I've mentioned x

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I have Omeprazole on prescription ; just one per day and it works really well for severe heartburn. And if I forget to take it and have an attack there's always the brilliant Remegel which will ease the strongest symptoms in seconds and is available from pharmacies and supermarkets.

My acid reflux has, in the past, been so severe that I've ended up being blue-lighted to A&E with a suspected heart attack owing to the pain. Since using one or other of the above meds, it has remained firmly under control for over 5 years now.

Best wishes, Cat x


Thanks very much for your reply and I'm pleased you've finally found something that has helped you with your heartburn,I've had it pretty bad for the last few weeks,ever since I had a relationship problem and it's stemmed from there which is why I think it's anxiety based and not another medical problem if it persists I will speak to my gp.x


Yes mine is also anxiety related but both the Omeprazole capsules and the Remegel chews are for the treatment of excess acid escaping from the stomach and burning the oesophagus ; so often the result of stress. So the Remegel are handy to have in as you can buy them over the counter (£4 for three packs) and they're not any old indigestion tablet, they're incredibly effective.

Maybe I should offer to broadcast a commercial ??

Good luck anyway Lynne. x


There are many good remedies for heartburn such as apple cyder vinegar or baking soda. Watch what famous Chef Marcus Guiliano had to say about curing his heartburn and acid reflux. He has also started cooking and eating better to avoid this problem.


For your heartburn - drink dill pickle juice. Sounds weird but I promise it works.

With your thyroid make sure you are getting the proper tests. The best are Free T3 and Free T4, also thyroid antibodies need to be checked. I would also insist on a thyroid ultrasound you don't want that to go to long.


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