My wife has had bipolar for over 50 years

I am new here and my wife who has had bipolar for over 50 years and all our marriage for 35 years. The doctors,consultants say she has bipolar but they never tell you too much. Currently she can't stop talking to her self ,repeating things and having what I would call anger anxiety attacks. The so called experts never seem to get her normal / stable,. It is not surprising really given you wait six months for an appointment with an expert and you always get someone different.

I am so tired of it and so depressed it really is getting me very depressed thinking that there s really no hope for her or me.

Does any one else have experience of these symptoms and feeling f hopelessness.

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  • My aunt is bipolar, and have been at least 40 years. I read an article that said omega3 , B12, and Magnesium are some of the deficiencies associated with bipolar, but my aunt want take these supplements, she don't want to take her prescribed medication. Look up what deficiency cause bipolar. I hope this helps you, but don't give up.

  • Many thanks

  • B12 deficiency can cause severe neuropsychiatric problems. The neuropsychiatric implications were first identified why a doctor tried using it as a placebo in treating a patient who was going through psychosis and was drug resistant intending to switch it to a drug once the patient had got used to taking it but never needed to do anymore than treat with B12.

    I had 40+ years of depression and anxiety before my B12 deficiency was finally identified and it is now gone - so it may be worth looking in to.

    Don't know if either of these links is of any use - you've probably seen them before. It might be worth trying to contact your local Mind and see if they have any support groups for carers in your area - or can recommend a group as there quite frequently are support groups. Really does sound as if you need a break to be able to recharge your batteries.

    Some people with bipolar find that mindfulness/mediation helps them - can help you to be more aware of what is happening and catch changes in mood quicker before they get to the point of becoming crises, so might be worth looking into that.

  • Thank you very much For your information,so kind .

    So glad you are well --take care.

  • Hi Smithy115

    I'm sorry to hear you and you wife's situation. I thought I would share my story, my mum had bipolar disease for years it was a very hard time for all of us as it took a long time to get the right medication to work. My advise is change doctors try different medications and she will find the best and will improve.

    As a child I didn't understand much but I have to say that what you are doing by supporting her as best as you can and not leaving is the best you can do. My mum managed to loose all her friends and family and was a disaster for her. So support and being there is such a great help. It is very demanding for you and stressful but do ask for help from GP, nurses, support groups. Anything you can find to talk about it and advice.

    Keep at it and trust me you are not alone and we know how hard it is. Let us know how you get on. Good luck x

  • Many thanks

  • I don't have bipolar but work with people who have and it is very difficult to stabilise there mood.

  • So sorry this has been your life. There are medications that help.

    Is she taking anything?

  • Lots of different drugs which the experts increase and then decrease the said levels depending on how the patients Mood swings are operating. It is a never ending cycle . The experts are all we have which in this field of medicine ain't very much ,all about trying to get the patient stable .... But not cured.

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  • Hi smithy iam under a consultant at this moment they think I have bi polar they have given me a mood chart to fill for a month then I have to take it with me on my next visit I've had 3 sessions with councillors that have all mentioned they think. I have it! But it's taken a lot of phone calls and breakdowns to get this far but not sure what they will do next if iam diagnosed with it

  • Try and stay calm ......They will most likely put you on medication which may help you ....I do hope it works for you ....try and keep the same consultant ,that is very important if possible.

    There is a great book called "self help for my nerves" written by Doctor Clair Weekes get a hard/paper copy and read it when you need too. My wife used it like a Bible for over ten years, it did help her.

    All the very best.

  • Thank-you smithy

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