My severe anxiety has taken over my life

I was wondering if if anyone has been having weird eye problems sort of like going out of focus while your talking to someone or looking at something especially when your anxiety is really acting up it's so bad I am nervous going anywhere now worried it will happen and what people must think I tried going to my son's school party and couldn't even get through a conversation with his teacher any one else have this problem


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6 Replies

  • Yes i do,sometimes when people are talking to me i go spaced out like im not there. I have balance problems stomach problems headaches i worry to much

  • Is there anyway to control these symptoms

  • I get blurry eyes all the time and like flashing in my eyes I found the sun and lights make my eyes worse

  • Yep, me too in terms of flashing lights and extreme light sensitivity.

    At my worst, when I tried to read, various letters from words started to disappear so that I couldn't see the whole word. Just portions of it.

  • Oh, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, I know this all too well. I have dark blankets over my blinds because the bright sun bothers my vision. My mother came over once and said I live like a vampire.

  • Yes I have

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