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Second day over!

Managed to get through my second day back at work without feeling the need to pretend I was 'fine'. Took the brave step for me of telling my Manager that I still feel very fragile and vulnerable and anxious and ask that be taken into consideration in planning my workload. She didnt bite my head off or tell me to get over it....still feel shattere though!

The support I have received through this site has helped enormously....thank you

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Well done. I know how hard it is, as I have been through it. I can appreciate the effort uou must have made.


Cheers GrayEm much appreciated


Well done gedlley. I am so pleased for you, as I know it's so difficult to go back to work. Your progress is an encouragement to me, as I am trying to overcome anxiety to get back to work myself.

Wishing you well.



Good for you for telling your manager, because without this, how can they help. Work through this ONE DAY AT A TIME. Try not to think of the days too far ahead, this will only make you more anxious.

At the end of each day, if things have gone well, give yourself a tick. If your day has not been so good, don't think 'here I go again', try and say ' I'll start again from day one'. Also do not dwell in the evenings on the day that's gone. Tomorrow's a new day.

This sounds like a person going on a diet, and falling off the wagon once in a while, but they will eventually find the perfect balance. Keep your chin up. You're doing great. xx


couldnt have put it better myself....thank you x


That's great to know Gedlley! You have inspired me today hun! x Ella x


thanks Ella...we inspire each other x


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