Horrible Day

I've had such a low mood day, felt really disconnected from everyone and everything. I left work half way through the day and drove to a river and sat there numb. Then I came home and have been in bed ever since, not sleeping just laying here feeling safe. I don't know what to do with myself. Should I take time off from work sick?

Any advice on what I could do to pull myself out of this would be appreciated. I'm not sure how much longer I can continue like this.


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  • Hello. What do you want to do if you take time off work? You sound really down about something. Can you tell us a bit more about what's going on in your life?

  • Nothing's going on. I just don't want to be at work/around anyone else and would prefer to just stay at home on my own. I live on my own and feel safe here.

  • Well, at times, many of us rather not be at work, school or other places and just stay home. Sometimes we actually do call in sick because of that. But I don't remember just going home and just lying down on the bed for no reason. Makes me think maybe something is going on but you may not be ready to share that. But you made the effort to reach out and post us.

    Someone will be here if you want to "talk" more later.OK?

  • Hi summer81 did you have some food before you went to bed ? Or go straight to bed ? Sounds like depression or anxiety or both .might be good idea to go see your doctor and explain how you are feeling ! Some days I love being at home in my flat other days I can't stand the silence and have to go out.why are you only feeling safe at home ?

  • I didn't eat, should I try to eat now even though it's late? I phoned my doctors but couldn't get an appointment but I'll try phoning them again in the morning. Silence feels good to me right now, I can't bear the tv or radio on in the background even

  • Have something light to eat some soup or milky drink otherwise you might not sleep well if your hungry.ring your doctor tom and get appointment tell him how you are feeling ,let me know how you get on tommorow hope it goes well for you.

  • Thanks Jessie, I called my doctors for a same day appointment first thing this morning and a dr was supposed to phone me back as the receptionist thought it could be dealt with on the phone. Another receptionist eventually called me at lunchtime and said the doctor had asked her to call and reiterated what another doctor had told me four weeks ago. Basically that if I felt unwell reducing my mess I could go back up to the previous dosage. I don't know what came over me but the poor women I was just in tears as she was trying to talk to me. I'm a mess and feel like a huge inconvenience to everyone. Ive dragged myself back to work after lunch but am so checked out and numb again I literally don't know what to do with myself.

  • *meds

  • No you're not an inconvenience. What do you think about going up on your meds? Pm anytime. I've had similiar at work. I'm struggling with work amongst other things now in fact.

  • Hi MysMugCat, I was on them for 16months, the last 12 months on the highest dose allowed. I wanted to come off them, I guess because I was feeling better and wanted to know if I was actually 'better'. I'm scared about potentially having to take them for life :( sorry to hear you are struggling right now too. What's your experience with medication?

  • Hi I understand what you're saying. In my twenties I resisted meds. I learnt the hard way. I temporarily dropped out of uni etc. On meds I'm better. I have been on many meds. Was citalopram. Now sertraline. Was 50 mg doctor wants to put up to 100 mg. I may do it. I so lack motivation.

  • I'm going to research the pros and cons of staying on fluoxetine long term...hope you start to feel a little better soon

  • Thanks. You too. The internet freaks me out sometimes though!!

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