Plz help me out

Hey I'm back I have aniexty everyday and I don't wanna take meds I wanna deal with it without meds. Lately I been getting cramps in my arms and my fingers go numb then I stress and get chest pains my eyes twitches I get super tired has anyone ever had these things happen to them I just wanna be normal again I'm tired of feeling in pain all the time.


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  • I've had anxiety for the last 3 years these are just common symptoms as all your bloid is rushing around i've kind of got used to it but just try distracting yourself to take your mind off the anxiety, drink plenty of water and try deep breathing

  • I had problems since 14 I am 19 now never went away for me and I never took meds 6 years now and I am asking to try them on wensday because I can't handle it no more :( it sucks btw yes had the symptoms you said and plenty more :(.. If u let it go for so long it can wreck you mentally hope you get better !

  • I had a course of hypnotherapy which worked at the time but hasn't done so much in the longterm. I have had CBT now, and although i didn't think it was much good at the time, i have taken some useful tips.

    The NHS has given me a couple of websites. these give access to an online CBT course apparently and self help. I am going to post these on here in the hope the may help others too. - Mood Gym - E-Couch - Living Life to the Full


  • Sorry, the KCL link was broken - its now


  • Hi Marysol

    I have a fear of meds and getting addicted. The CBTtreatments do teach that meds can be a safety measure and it's good to try new things without them.

    However it also says to try things slowly at your own pace.

    If you need it take them and try coming off slowly. Use the therapies to try out exercises. Its a long process and sometimes you fail sometimes you win. In the end is all part of it so keep at it.

    We r here to help


  • I too did not want medication as I fear the side effects. I have been having anxiety all my life but as I am getting older and got off anti depressants, it is getting worse and was and is interfering with my life. I finally accepted that I needed medication after having done CBT, mindfulness mediation, including exercising and trust me, I did exercise a lot as I was an endurance athlete! However, now I am 59 and ended up with lots of physical issues and insomnia and constant nagging anxiety. So I removed all things in my diet that can interfere with my healing : refine sugar has to be the exception not the norm! No alcohol for me at all! I have never had soda in my life but I added drinks that actually calm you down or help with nausea so camomile and ginger but just filtered water with a tad of pure lemon juice. Only one coffee in the morning. Healthy eating with good fat, vegetables, fruit, healthy protein everyday. Meditation everyday if possible (download for free meditation for anxiety), walking everyday focusing on your walk so focus in observing what you see, smell, what you can touch, hear while walking. It helps refocusing your brain on the now. People with anxiety fear the future and need to connect with the now. Also, good sleeping habit (still hard for me as I wake up a lot at night and find it difficult to stay asleep which account for muscle tension, muscle spasms and muscles twitching) so sleep in a dark room, no tablet, no tv and no sounds except soothing music. But, anxiety is very strong in telling the brain to fear :( so I finally accepted medication as I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I was able to go on pregabalin, which is supposed to work in anxiety. So far, it has removed the edge of the constant anxiety and nausea I was feeling. I started at the lowest dose, half of what the doctor suggested and am increasing half of what the doctor suggests. That is my story. I don't know if it might help you but if you can talk your anxiety down, then you might not need medication but if you are living daily interference with anxiety, you need to ask for professional help. Sending you soothing and healing vibes.

  • Sending you "gentle hugs" Fibromite x

  • Agora, sending you the most gentle hugs. Thanks for your support :)

  • I was 19 when my anxiety disorder began and it lasted 10 years. I was not going to go on medication! I went to a really great anxiety clinic and went into remission for 20 years. In my forties I had a series of traumatic events My anxiety and depression came back hard. I was seeing a therapist, did daily excersize, watched my diet (lost 9 pounds, yay), meditated, took magnesium supplements, practiced relaxation techniques. Anxiety and depression got worse and worse. Thought I was dying every day. Finally realized I had to go on medication. It did the trick. I have my life back. BTW, during a sonar gram recently a small mass was found on my kidney. I had to go through a CAT scan and MRI before they diagnosed it as a small cyst. I know the medication was working because I didn't picture myself dying a horrible death from kidney cancer! In summary, don't be afraid of trying medication. You don't have to stay on it forever. But if the other things don't work, give it a try. You don't have to suffer.

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