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My anxiety began with dizziness

I've suffered with this dreadful dizziness and falling sensation for a year nearly. Totally got me out of the blue after an incredibly stressful time last year with my newborn, my own bad health and my mother. I was so frightened and obsessed with the dizziness I couldn't properly function. And the more I concentrated on it - the worse it got. I was constantly complaining 'I'm so dizzy I'm so dizzy.' Went to the docs 100 times or so. Awful. I went on a journey of meditation/Buddhist talks online to stay calm and yoga. But still desperately seeking answers to my dizziness I got an Mri and blood tests. Each came back clear and docs said its anxiety but I couldn't let this sink in as the symptoms were more than dizziness. They were headaches. Numbness in arms. Pins and needles and twitches on my eyes and mouth. Many more things too. I just felt I was dying. I still get some of these things daily and the dizziness is worse in the morning when I wake and last thing in the day and at night. When I'm most tired and on my period. I have to face the fact that anxiety is to blame. I may have some inner ear issues but this dizziness is lessening as time goes on and manageableon a daily basis. I'm aware of it all the time though. It's become habit to expect to be dizzy. But try to keep busy and not think about it. I listen to 'infinite waters - diving deep' on YouTube. I'm changing my lifestyle and eating better now. Stress and anxiety are the worst things EVER. But I refuse medication and take vitamins now. Check your iron. Check magnesium levels and take vitamin d. Do as much as you can for yourself and try to walk out and do breathing exercises. I find the more excitable I get the more the anxiety happens and it's worse when I speak to people. Strange I know. My head goes Whirley and strange and I need to sit quiet afterwards to get straight again. I get tired so quickly and feel I could easily sleep after I do too much or speak for too long. I think once you have anxiety - you have it. It's learning how to manage it. Put yourself first more and don't do too much to exasperate your anxiety. I understand completely what your going through.

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Hi CH33, you are the first person I heard of who can't talk with people without getting lightheaded and spacy. I am not shy in the least. Any job that I've had has always been in dealing with the public. I am an extrovert but I pay for it dearly. Whether talking in person or on the phone these symptoms happen and yet I could get up in front of a group of people and talk without a problem. I too, am an excitable person. I realize after years of therapy that it has stemmed from my being brought up to please my parents and always present myself as this perfect little child. Whenever I talk with people I seem to have that thought in my mind. I am very animated when I talk as well so people tend to focus in on what I'm saying which adds more stimulation to my brain. It is frightening to experience a dizzy feeling. I too have said to myself "I'm dizzy, I'm dizzy". What purpose does it serve, no one wants to listen to it anymore. No one cares or understands. And so when this happens, I tend to change my way of thinking to a more angrier tone such as "Leave me alone, I'm sick of this, what do you want from me". The anger talk works rather than when I would say "I'm scared". I no longer am on medication and have found I am more in control than I use to be. But we never forget what it was like and how alone we felt. I still get that whirley feeling from time to time but just brush it off with relaxing my body and mind by deep breathing the feeling away as well as hydrating. (so important) I turn to YouTube as well and use the meditation videos as a respite during mid afternoon. Acceptance of our anxiety is a proven way of ridding ourselves of the symptoms. Wishing you better days and some solutions x

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